5 Reasons To Write Guest Posts

I like Blogging, no I love it, I never thought I could really do this, I am just truly grateful to people who have encouraged me to just dive in. If you, like me want to fuel your passion and start a blog, then you are in for a ride.  Starting a Blog site is easy, well easier than getting people to actually know that your blog exists.  So many things you need to do in order to get some following and people to actually know what you are about.

Guest posting is one way to get you started.  I know, you may ask me, why should i even bother, considering that you already have your blog to share your content, plus will require a lot of your time. But let me share with you  the  5 reasons why you should write guest posts:

1.  Free Publicity – If you are new and not a celebrity, its good to write for sites that already have a good following. Just make sure that your content fits the theme of that site/blog.  Most site owners will let you have a small bio or allow you to place your url or your Twitter username on your guest post.  Others may even give you space on their site like a mini banner.

2.  Wider Audience Reach – Specially if the site already has a lot of readers, you will get the chance to share your knowledge to a vast number of audience.

3.  Natural SEO – You see the more materials that comes out from you and if others link back to you or your article and even your site, when others search for that specific tag or topic, your article, or your name or your site will be in the top of the search engine options for people to click on.

4.  Meet New People and Create Friendships – I can attest to the fact that people I have had the chance to write for, i have already developed close ties or friendships with them.  It is always  great to develop friendships and even your network just by writing useful posts on other people’s sites.  Always good to collaborate with people you know are already very knowledgeable on their fields, not only do you learn from them,  if your materials are really exceptional and helpful to their readers, you might even get good recommendations.

5.  Share your Passion – By writing articles relevant to a particular site but not entirely related to your blog theme, you get to share your other passions.  Example, your site is on design, but you also like to cook and whip up special food creations, then by writing on Food related sites you get to share that other love you have to people who are interested in food and cooking.

i am sure that you guys have other reasons for writing guest posts, please feel free to share them here.  I myself have done a lot of guests posts.  I was just lucky enough to meet people who allowed me into their world, let me express my thoughts.  The next time someone asks you if you could do a guest post for them, Go ahead, test the waters and engage.  You won’t regret it.

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