5 Reasons Why You Should Comment on Blog Posts

I read a lot of blogs everyday, specially the ones on design, on technology, on advertising.  When I feel a bit down, I check out the funny blogs, pictures and videos.  Majority of the time I make sure I leave a comment on the blogs I read.  You see, there are a lot of advantages when you do comment on a blog post.  Here are some of them.

1.  Enables the writer to get feedback – Writers, like designers also like getting feedback on their work.  Helps them know, which types of material his readers like.  It enables him or her to also get a pulse on which topics are relevant to the people who come back everyday, or at least once a week to read his articles.  It is also your way of showing appreciation to the writer, it does take a lot of research and hours making sure that every article informative and useful for many.

2.  Get traffic to your own blogs –  If you own a blog, or a site and you make useful comments, then some of the other readers might want to check out your site as well.  I do get a lot of traffic too on my own blog whenever I make creative and useful comments.

3.  Others learn from your insight –  All of us have varying opinions on different topics. Giving insightful comments can eventually help others.

4.  Develop your personal brand –  I noticed that when I did start making comments on blogs, it has somehow, helped get Mistygirlph or Misty Belardo, known around the interwebs.  Try it, try to type your name on Google search and see how many links back to your personal brand, you.  Mine is now over 60,000 pages and growing.

5.  Helps you think of a topic for your next article – Some articles are so thought provoking, or so interesting, that people leave questions on the blog comments.  Other times, you can see the trends that people are looking for.

But also consider making comments that are constructive, insightful and inspiring.

So the next time you read a blog, try and comment, go ahead, you see leaving a comment also inspires the writers to create their master piece.

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