5 Restaurant Marketing Strategies And Trends 2019

Restaurant marketing is no longer the dishes that you create – it’s also about the stories you tell to sell your unique menu. You may offer fantastic customer service, a diverse menu, delicious food, and a groovy vibe – but you need an excited customer base to make a living. Running a successful restaurant these days is more than just offering excellent service and great food.

Yes, definitely, the service and food should invariably be the essential elements of your establishment – but this only works out if you have a sizable number of customers returning for more. They need to spread the news about your new signature foods, décor, chefs – and anything that makes your place sensational.

You want them to call family and friends and regularly brag about how enjoyable the dining experience you offer really is to get your business consistently packed. Consider the latest restaurant social media marketing trend that really works. Get the word out about your restaurant on social media. These are five key points to getting your restaurant noticed and super profitable.

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1. Partner With Delivery Services, Food Apps & Food Distributors To Boost Marketing Initiatives

Research from the restaurant technology market declares that the most crucial technical attributes that help visitors make a choice these days are from offering customers online ordering, online reservations, and free Wi-Fi. (ToastTab Source)

Team up with any popular food applications and give people an opportunity to check out your eating place and to sign up for your loyalty program benefits that offer them money-saving discounts and deals. Also, look into food distributors and ensure that you’re getting involved in their networks and getting high-quality wholesale foods delivered to your restaurant.

2. Share Your Food List On Social Media Channels

Seven out of eight buyers regularly turn to technologies to find out about eating places – and 90% frequently check out food lists online before dining out. And that means you should not let your food list sit idly on your website. Be sure to share it on social network sites as well as some other digital platforms where your eatery has a presence.

Add a link to your site in the emails, Facebook posts, and tweets to ensure that prospective customers can easily take action, search for more details, and have interesting interactions. Sharing your menus on social media is actually a key component in your restaurant marketing and advertising toolkit, particularly if you offer delivery.

3. Make Investments In Tech & Data

According to FranchiseHelp:

  • 75% of customers view food menus on their phones before trying a new restaurant
  • Roughly 40% of people pay with their phone whenever they can
  • About 1 in 3 are reactive to SMS marketing

The restaurant’s top marketing investment priorities ought to include customer-facing technology offerings such as digital loyalty programs, digital menus, and online ordering.

4. Influencers & Food Bloggers

The current generation of online buyers prefers considering content from reputable industry influencers and food bloggers. Working with these influencers gives a boost to your restaurant marketing and advertising. Invite influencers and bloggers to your restaurant, offer them free food, and request feedback or ask for a review on their media networks.

5. Local Internet Search

Almost everyone today goes on the internet to search for restaurant and food reviews or recommendations. Yelp has become the most reliable online review source along with Delish, that’s specifically for dining establishments. Positive reviews on Yelp draws much-needed attention from the local people around you looking for a bite to eat.

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