10 Ways To Secure A Successful Tweet

Millions and millions of tweets are written every day and most of them pass by our eyes like their life span never began at all. There a bunch of factors that come into play when we notice a tweet and it is important to understand that these are the ones that we should learn from if we want our message to come across the majority of our followers. However, just because there are a few tips and tricks you can adopt when writing your tweets, it is not a guaranteed science.

The people that follow you are probably not entirely the same people that follow me for example, even though we might have a few of the same people following us. What’s important to notice here is that people have different interests that make them “click” when something they like or enjoy pops up in front of them on the screen. These are the things you should try and spot and remember. Your following might be 67% designers, 16% techies and the rest just avid tweeters. For me, those numbers could be entirely different, and therefore, when I submit a successful tweet, the same one may pass by like nothing ever happened when someone else tweets it.

In order to make sure that you stay within these factors, there are a few things you can do to get your tweets seen by the major part of your following crowd. But again, tweets in general aren’t the road to success. The information in your tweets are.

1. Include Keywords

When writing a tweet it’s important to understand the complex ways the mind works and how we perceive information. Just hurrying a tweet is never a good thing. More often than not, I see tweets that lack the care and uniqueness that would otherwise catch my interest. If hurrying a tweet, you will soon find that your followers do that as well. Hurry through your text and it will most likely keep moving into eternity unseen and unappreciated. So, if you have a post that you have written or if you have found a piece of information that you know will benefit your followers, make sure you read everything in it before you write your tweet. Find the keywords, as many as possible, and then write a tweet consisting of those alone. This will spawn and ensure a genuine and successful interest in your tweets from your followers.

2. Addressing Key People

Everyone has their favorite followers whom they also follow themselves. These people tend to be on the same level of interest and have a similar follower base as you. These are what I call your “Key People“. If you want an extra push for your tweets it is a good idea to stay in the vicinity of these people’s interest. When you write your tweet and you know the content of it will most likely speak to these key people, make sure you address them. Put a “cc:” at the end of the tweet with your preferred key people mentioned after it. You will most probably receive some kind of confirmation and a re-tweet just because you were kind enough to include their name and also because you were thinking about them when you wrote the tweet. This is a safe bet if you want people’s attention.

3. Create “Chain” Tweets

Many people shrug when they hear the word “chain” but it is much more innocent than you think. By keeping a close eye on what the people you admire and follow tweet, you can easily create an advantage for yourself. There are some shortcuts that you can take for a successful tweet without making a complete fool out of yourself. When you see a tweet that interests you, make sure to follow up that tweet with a similar one, but do it quick. It’s one thing to steal someone’s thunder, and another to help it grow further by adding information to it. If you have the right timing, you will most likely have a successful tweet riding on the tweet you gained momentum from. Remember not to copy, steal or modify your chain link tweet. That’s bad karma.

4. Brand Your Tweets

Branding has become one of the core words of Twitter lately. Branding can mean so many things and that’s why branding is so important on so many levels. When branding a tweet, you simply make sure that what you tweet also has a hashtag branding on it. Just as with the keywords, make sure you express the core of the tweet with your hashtags. Make sure you find the ones that are widely used, then you have tamed the lion that lies in using hashtags. Don’t add too many though as you will most probably come across desperate and needy. 2-3 hashtags is more than enough, 3 is being on the edge of greedy.

5. Use Universal Humor

Humor is a huge part of our everyday life and it is important to keep smiling while you tweet. Losing focus and only doing it because of the benefits that come later is not a good trade for you or your followers. To use universal humor in your tweets will take your tweet to new followers not to mention to a different level on your success scale. Understanding your followers is important here. Making the wrong kind of jokes in your tweets will, and I mean absolutely certainly will, make you lose followers as some people could be offended by the very things that you find amusing and entertaining. Having a group of people you follow closely and vice versa can be to an advantage here. People will see how you joke around and join in making the group larger and larger, which of course, widens your tweets lifespan and spread.

6. Set Up Your Tweets

One thing that I have noticed is that people usually, including me, just tweet stuff that we believe is informational and factual and will provide good knowledge for the people that follow us. I think we sometimes forget to actually converse about it. Twitter is a Social Networking tool and should be used as such. To discuss and to introduce a tweet is a truly powerful anticipation tool and will certainly up your spread of the following tweet. It’s how you set it up that will make all the difference. A tweet can be setup and introduced without anyone knowing by just a bit of chatter about a certain subject. When you, in the middle of that conversation, tweet your findings you can be sure most of those people will check it out and re-tweet it. A truly powerful way to tweet but that we have totally forgotten about.

7. Hug The Trends

Trends are one of the core things driving the Internet today. They are everywhere and if you just keep looking you will find that you can spot and forward them everywhere. Creating a new trend is one of the hardest things you can ever accomplish, but it’s not impossible. If you do it long enough, and just stick to it, you will see that every now and then you will have created a few viral trends gathering thousands, if not millions, of people interested in that particular trend. So make yourself available for spotting the trends and hug them like there is no tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to fail, we all do. No one can spot the trends at every corner of the Internet. Twitter is a great tool for spotting trends and if you look at what people tweet you can try and imagine what comes next. Create or find that and tweet it. Using all of these 10 tricks will heavily increase your chances of creating a viral trending tweet.

8. Create “Follow Up” Paths

This one is another trick that I don’t see being used that often yet it’s one of the most powerful tricks out there. If you look at your twitter stream you will soon discover that people tweet stuff that have absolutely nothing to do with the tweet before it. Marrying tweets creating “follow up” paths can significantly upgrade your twitter stream to a knowledge foundation worth everyone’s time. If you, for example, tweet a link to a Photoshop text effect tutorial make sure your next tweet follows the trail of that one. Tweet another one slightly different but showcasing the same quality. I usually do a path of 3 connected tweets before I have found that people don’t follow the trail after that. It’s a huge increase in re-tweets and people are always starting discussion about which one they like the most and what they can do with it. “Follow Up” paths are a powerhouse tip.

9. Mimic Your Own Style

This one might sound weird but it’s quite simple. Everyone has their own style when tweeting and it is important to keep doing that throughout your time on Twitter. Your personality and grace is what will make people follow you. The way you present information and links is unique and you should preserve that. Mimic yourself and trying to perfect that can take you from beginner to professional in no time at all. Find the key behaviors in your way of tweeting and keep mimicing them. People will grow custom to it and know exactly when something has come from you. This way you can build a following reaching way beyond the number of followers that is actually following you. People will see that you have tweeted something through someone else and just keep tweeting it. I know I do. So, get a second view on how you tweet and mimic it.

10. Involve Other Tweets

This is one of the rarest of the bunch and one of the most powerful. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t embraced this way of increasing spread and involvement. When you write a tweet make sure you refer to another recently tweeted tweet. Make sure you address the subject in a clever and respectful way including the previous tweeter of the tweet. You will find that people will follow up on your tweet and create a whole new life for it. Simple words like mentioning why this and that is the connecting factor of a tweet is always a sure bet that will make people take a second look at your tweet. Also, use the “OH:” (meaning “Overheard”) abbreviation at the beginning of your tweet and then continue to present the follow up. People will notice your interest in the subject which will create new interest for the tweet. It is a really powerful way of tweeting.

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