5 Strategies To Help You Tweet Better

Twitter is one social media platform that is steadily growing. Most of us already using Twitter for connection and engagement want to tweet more efficiently to benefit those who follow us. We follow people for different reasons and in my own experience, it is basically to make our daily lives richer. We follow people not just for information, but also to be able to reach out and know more about the people we tweet with everyday.

Some people may argue that Twitter is not a place to befriend people. I have been told several times by some people that if i wanted to be friends with a person, then I should join FaceBook, but I disagree. I always believe that the only way we can really learn more is to also know more about the people we are getting our information from. As I have always said in my previous articles, to each his own. One thing I know is true, it doesn’t matter if you have thousands or a handful of followers, we can all be better Twitter users.

Strategy #1 – Listen to your stream –  Before you start sharing your links or retweeting, a good way to start your tweet day is by checking your @replies to see who has been saying hello or asking you questions. Twitter is alive 24/7 and even if you go offline, people will be there asking you about things or RT’ing you, it is better to start by replying. This will allow you to build your relationships with your followers even more.

Strategy #2 – Be considerate to all your followers – It is not easy, but it is also important to take your followers into consideration when you choose the links you share. Vary your tweets if you can. Of course there will be times when you really want to concentrate on a certain subject for awhile, but you don’t want to alienate the rest of your listeners.

Strategy 3 – Read the links before you retweet – I found it strange once when a follower asked me if Twitter will change how people view blogs and articles. The first thing that came to mind was that the person must just be retweeting and not even bothering to read the links he or she shares with others. We should be responsible enough to read before we share. Not only do you learn yourself, but remember people also rely on your credibility.

Strategy 4 – 50/50 rule – In simple terms, balance your tweets. Share info and engage in conversations.

Strategy 5 – Reciprocate but be true to yourself – I reciprocate but I always make sure that I do not deviate from who I am and what I believe in. Some people ask me to tweet their articles and I don’t mind doing it as long as I believe in what is written and agree with that opinion. We are not in any way obligated to do anything that is against what we believe in.

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