5 Ways To Make Your Snapchat Secure

Irrespective of the type of person you are, everyone likes their privacy and security. Knowing you can control both is a liberating feeling that Snapchat has generously provided to people by revolutionizing the way we control our social media outlets.

From time limits to notifying us if someone takes a screenshot, Snapchat helps bring a new wave of security to our lives and has had other social media sites follow in its footsteps. There are many ways to protect your privacy on different social media apps but today I will talk about 5 ways to make your Snapchat securer than ever.

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1. 2-Factor Authentication

This is basically a login verification which lets you add a verification code specific to your account. Enable this by simply going into your settings menu and following through with the login verification steps. It doesn’t take long and it is not a repetitive process.

You will just need to do it once and be secure for your time on Snapchat. If you still don’t understand what this is, read about “the Two Factor Authentication and why it is a good idea to use it”.

2. Select Who Sees What On Snapchat

By default, Snapchat only allows people in your friend’s list to be able to view what you post and your account in general. If you have changed this setting from “friends only” to “anyone”, you should probably change it back. Enabling this feature lets anyone from anywhere see what you post and send you a friend request.

As appealing as it may sound sharing your stories with the world, I am sure you don’t want to attract people with bad intentions. Filter your friends carefully and advise your friends to do the same. Obviously, no one likes to end up being caught in a Snapchat cheating scandal.

3. Disable Quick Add

Quick add is a common feature that lets people see and send you a request without any common friends etc. It is literally like the name suggests, quick add, but anybody, even if they don’t have your number or a common friend will be able to see your account and send you a request. Keeping it with the “anyone” feature enabled, let’s just say you won’t have any privacy left.

I advise you to disable the quick add feature if you want your privacy and avoid requests from people you don’t know or even have a common friend with.

4. Keep Your Snapcode Secret

Snapchat has an added feature that uses the QR code system to allow users to follow you but they need to physically scan this with their phone or have the image in their photo album on their phone. If you make your Snapcode public, it is highly likely that you will get requests from all sorts of people and even the ones you want to avoid. The same rules apply to your Snapcode as with the PIN number of your ATM card or your social security number. Don’t give it out to anyone!

5. Don’t Share What You Shouldn’t

Even though you can set timers and get notified if people take screenshots or even replay your content, there are many third-party apps that allow users to take screenshots and save messages without letting the sender get notified. Therefore, I advise you not to send anything to anyone that you shouldn’t or don’t need to send. Unfortunately, on the internet, nothing is temporary but everything is permanent.

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