7 Reasons To Use Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Why does a business need to use social media? Why indeed? Well, first of all, let us go over two facts that will help you in seeing the light. First, more than 50% of small businesses in the United States are increasing their social media marketing budget in 2017. One of them is probably your competitor. Second, there are more than 2.5 billion social media users around the globe. Maybe one of them is or could be your customer!

And if you really want to see your business succeed then you should probably try to get access to those customers that yet elude you. And you know what the solution is? Yes, it is social media.

Social Media – The Marketing Edge

Social media is that crucial silver bullet in your arsenal that will help your business in getting new clients and expanding globally. For any business, either a startup or a settled company it is very important to know the trends in their target market. And guess what, social media allows you to do that.

Unless you wish to ignore the significant percentage of people on the social media and the ease of acquiring them through social media, I suggest you to just go to the next article. But if you do care then the next part of the article should act as pearls of wisdom for you.

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1. Increases Website Traffic And Improves SEO

Being good in business is all about how much traction you can create in the market for your business. It is all about how you are engaging with your customers and how that engagement can be converted into money.

Having a presence in social media gives most people a sense of security about your business. With a lot of engaging content in your posts, it is quite easy to improve the SEO of your company website. SEO helps your company website to come on top of related Google searches. This is a major boost to your company and helps in increasing your visibility.

2. Expands Your Target Market

You already know the number of people using social media! You also need to know that number is going to grow exponentially thanks to cheap internet services and penetration of social media in everyday life.

So that means having a strong online social media presence will help in engaging with new clients, which means faster expansion of the business.

3. Effectively Focuses Your Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing comes with the gifts of social media analytics. These analytics help you in focusing your efforts towards finding your customer. This means instead of putting up a house-sized banner at the side of the road hoping that your future customer sees it, you can simply put up the right posts based on the analytics.

Because of recent jumps in technology you can now find which person in what part of the world needs the royal blue colored shoes with the yellow shoelaces. All of this is possible, with just a social media presence.

Improvements In Customer Service And Better Feedback

People are regularly using social media to show their appreciation and feedback for any company. Just a single message from the company often brings about a feeling of being heard to the customers. Once they realize that their voice is being heard in the online ruckus, they know that this company really cares about them, which allows the trust to build.

Many companies use simple online polls to gauge how they can better meet the demands of the customer. Then the analytics does its job and you have a simple report to analyze and refocus your online posts.

5. Building And Creating A Brand Presence

Brands are not built overnight. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, Apple and Microsoft did not become who they are today in a day or two. But social media marketing companies allow you to reduce the time if carefully used to create a positive publicity. In the core essence if your business is adding value to the people’s life then you are doing a great job. But the people need to know that. Social media helps in bring the trust factor into the game.

6. Lets You Go Up Against Your Competition

You can be sure that your competition is using social media too. Now that means you need to be better at this than them, otherwise, you have already lost the war. Knowing and effectively using social media to your benefits will help you in winning the war between brands.

7. Saves You A Lot of Money (A Lot of Money!)

If you are starting a business then this is your golden chance of making it big. And unless you have deep pockets, it is a necessity for you to be cheapskate wherever possible. Social media marketing is the cheapest option there is that will fulfill all your initial needs. It is a very cost-effective method that will help you save the money for exponential scaling when the time is right.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how important social media marketing is for your business.

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