7 Steps To Building Your Online Identity

There are so many personalities online that we admire and often emulate. However, building our own online identity is not that simple. It takes a lot of work. There are times when you think okay, I want to be like that person, so I will join every social networking sites that I can possible get onto. WRONG!! We need to carefully plan and really take the time to build our online identity.

Our online identity should be established at the onset. It take a lot of digging from within and careful planning. Success comes only to those who truly make the effort to understand the basics and who make sure to follow through and be consistent when it comes to building his or her online identity.

Here are the 7 steps that we should follow to build our online identity:

1. Have a plan.

2. Think long term.

3. Craft our profile.

4. Know the site basics and implement them.

5. Create an avatar that we can use on all our social sites.

6. Be consistent.

7. Participate.

I have included a video where Zadi Diaz explains in detail each point and shows illustrative examples as well. Check it out and get started!

Main Image Source – CSI