7 Traits Of A Good Twitter Friend

My friendships on Twitter are very sacred to me. It’s interesting though because we measure the value of an online friend much differently than we do an offline friend. Things that might be acceptable for one might not be okay for another.

In my world, these two universes seem to collide often since I’m in contact with both groups of people each day, sometimes at the same time. I hear people talk about the ROI for social media, but how do you place a ROI value on Twitter friends? You can’t. They are very special, and in my opinion, priceless.

A very close Twitter friend of mine once told me that the reason people can become so close online (Twitter, wave, etc…) is because since we only have text to communicate, we have to be more specific and go deeper into topics in order to really understand each other. Many times, we may skip the real stuff and just small talk with offline friends since we see them so often. I agree with this, although, for some people, I can see the exact opposite might be true. So, what makes a good Twitter friend?

Here are my top 7 traits of a good Twitter friend:

A good Twitter friend will always say hello, even when he is busy tweeting others.

A good Twitter friend will RT even your mediocre tweets, because in her eyes, all your tweets are good ones.

A good Twitter friend will never embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable on the public timeline.

A good Twitter friend will stay on Twitter late at night, even when he is tired, just to keep you company.

A good Twitter friend will always take your side if there is ever a conflict with another tweep.

A good Twitter friend will not expect a thank you for every RT and not expect an instant response to her tweets.
She accepts you for who you are.

A good Twitter friend will make you feel so warm and fuzzy that
you forget that you have never met him in person.

How many good Twitter friends do you have? Send them a link to this article and take a moment today to thank them for being good Twitter friends because just like other friends in our life, they are truly a gift.

I would like to give photo credit to http://www.flickr.com/photos/64148767@N00/ for the great friendship picture above and I would like to thank http://www.flickr.com/photos/rosauraochoa for the Twitter sand picture which is making me want to tweet on the beach. You both rock!

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