7 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Instagram Account For Search Engines

Popularizing your brand via Instagram is without a doubt the best of all social media platforms. Instagram users are more likely to interact with brands 10 times more than they would on other platforms. You will, however, need to be persistent and patient, and take advantage of all the possible tools that this platform has to offer. One key step to achieving popularity with Instagram is optimizing your account so that it can be found easily on the search engines. Here are 7 good ways you can optimize your account for the search engines.

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Open A Business Account

Business accounts provide better and more useful tools than ordinary accounts. With a business account, you get access to features such as Instagram Ads, Instagram Shopping and Quick Action buttons among others. Business accounts also have special places to show their locations and hours of business. You get to have higher engagement with such specified dynamics

Consider The Quality And Not The Quantity

Having a lot of followers that you do not engage with is self-defeating. It is better to have a few followers that can lead you to other useful followers and which you engage with on a regular basis. Search engines capture the accounts that show some activity not those with just a lot of followers.

Use Instagram Polls

The more you interact with your followers, the higher you will rank on search engines. Create Instagram Polls that ask engaging questions on interesting topics that your followers relate to. You will just see how easy it is to initiate a conversation and building personal relationships with some of your followers.

Make Use Of A Profile Tracking Link

It is important to track and measure the progress of your Instagram campaigns. Create a trackable link and shorten it with features available to you online. Instagram allows the use of only one URL, so you have to be smart on how to use yours. Do not make the mistake of using a link that cannot track your progress since you will not be in a position to measure your progress. Another mistake is placing the link on your bio. If you place it there, you will have wasted it since it cannot be clicked. You should also ensure that you selectively pick the image to use on your bio since it communicates in a large way what your profile is all about.

Match Your Bio With Your Product

Clients want to get a glimpse of what your page is all about on your bio. Your bio is the window to which you introduce yourself, your business and your products to your followers and potential clients. It is necessary to match your bio with your product so as not to confuse a person looking up your page. Be consistent with what you post and focus on your target audience. It is this audience that will guide you along the way on what you are to change or improve on as you get to learn about your followers.

Use Hashtags For Discovery

It is important that you have a schedule for posting content and which should be on a regular basis to maintain engagement. Constant engagement ensures that you rank highly on the search engines. However, you need to make your content discoverable. Make good use of hashtags to widen your reach and create more awareness for your brand. Avoid using the hashtags on your bio as they are not clickable. Make sure you tag highly influential followers so that their followers can also follow the tags and come to your page increasing traffic as a result.

Make Use Of Analytics

This is the surest way of determining whether or not you are making any progress. Analytics will consistently check the progress of your tracking link and give you useful data that will help you tweak your account based on your performance. You get to know when to post new content, the kind of content to post and who to tag on those posts among other useful information. While a business account has some analytics that can give you some of this information, it is better to use specially developed tools to get detailed data.

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