8 Ways Twitter Can Make You A Better Person

I enjoy being on Twitter.  I am on that site all the time.  I started using Twitter in 2008, and I have seen firsthand its tremendous growth.  I remember the days when there were very few of us who tweeted 24/7.  We interacted with our Twitter friends all the way up until we fell asleep at night, and got on there again as soon as we woke up in the morning; hence the word Twitter-holic was formed.  There are so many people on Twitter you can talk to anytime, day or night.  It doesn’t matter if we live miles away from each other or in different time zones.  As long as we have the same interests we will most likely connect and click.

I know a lot of people have developed friendships over Twitter.  Some people have become business partners or have even gotten jobs because of their Twitter connections.  People go onto the site for a variety of reasons.  However, did you know that Twitter can in fact make you a better person?  You might say that I am being silly, after all, how can a social site make someone a better person?  Well, through my experience, I know it can.  A person just needs to be following the right people in order to get the most benefit from Twitter.

1. Twitter can make you smarter – For those who are just starting on Twitter, you might feel overwhelmed and think, “What is this?”  It’s a stream of so many people talking at the same time with so many links being shared.  Don’t fret, it will only feel like that in the beginning.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that Twitter is a great source of information which can actually make you a smarter person.  There are so many things that I learned on Twitter which I would have not been exposed to if I didn’t pay attention to what was being shared.

2.  Twitter can make you healthier – There are so many people on Twitter who share health, good for your body and soul information that can either help you get started with achieving your health goals or keep you motivated.  For example, there are runners who share tips about how to do it correctly and what types of foods you might need to eat in order to get the maximum benefit for your body.  There are so many sports and health discussions that you can join too.

3.  Twitter can make you a better friend – On Twitter, there are even people who share relationship and parenting tips.  You will meet a lot of down-to-earth people that, in time, will also become your friends.  These are people you can laugh with and tell stories with 140 characters at a time.  Sometimes when we get so overwhelmed with our work or busy schedule, if your friends are on Twitter, I guarantee you that you will, at some point in the day, be able to catch up.  I am just lucky I have my friends on Twitter and have developed great friendships that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

4. Twitter can help you get a job – Twitter is a great way for you to check out available positions in a company.  I know a lot of people tweet job openings available in their company.  You just need to pay attention, and again, it is important to be following the right people.

5.  Twitter allows you to look beyond your world – Aside from your learning the cultures of people living beyond your world, you can also imagine the potential of your living in another world.  Let me elaborate.  I would have never known that I could be a blogger or even create applications online, if not for the inspiration and the information that I learned on Twitter.  Four years ago I did not know that there was a bigger world that I could conquer and goals to strive for.  It’s a good thing I follow people who have share wonderful and inspiring stories that kept me dreaming.  They even encouraged me to follow those dreams.

6.  Twitter can make you a better blogger – Check out the article The A-Z List: How Twitter Can Make You A Better Blogger.  Most bloggers I know learn how to start and share their articles on Twitter more than any other site.

7.  Twitter can teach you how to cook –  I do not know how to cook, but when I moved to Cincinnati OH, I had to learn quickly.  Thank goodness for people who share their recipes over Twitter.  I am learning slowly but surely.

8.  Twitter can keep you up to date on travel, weather and breaking news – There are three things that can really help you a lot.  That would be information about travel, weather and breaking news.  Why you may ask?  How can this make me a better person?  Just think about it, if you meet new people, if you are at a party or if you are the new kid on the block at work, these three topics can be a great way to break the ice in conversation.  I always get this information on Twitter, and I can get it super fast anytime.