9 Easy Ways Influencers Can Get More Instagram Followers

Once you’ve reached 10,000 followers on Instagram, you suddenly take on something called “influencer status.” This means that you’re a brand to behold on Instagram with the power to influence the hearts and minds of your followers.

Ten thousand is an impressive number, but why stop there? You can make a fortune off endorsing products and brands. You can charge according to the number of followers you have, typically around $1,000 per campaign for every 10,000 followers you have. Imagine the profit potential for 100,000 Instagram followers!

At 10,000+ followers, you’re off to an incredible start, and growing your following will be relatively simple. Still, it will take effort and careful planning to develop a strong following. Here are some of the easiest yet effective ways to increase your likes and followers.

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1. Buy Instagram Likes And Followers

A great way to get a boost in followers is to purchase real followers and likes for your account. Although you can’t rely on this for long, if you want an authentic account, you can use it to spur the movement.

When users see that you’ve had a recent upsurge in Instagram followers, it will catch their attention. They’ll take a closer look at your brand and posts. When they see that you’re an engaged, exciting account that’s relevant to them, they’ll click the follow button.

2. Refine Your Instagram Story And Aesthetic

If you’re looking to grow your influencer status, it’s likely that you follow several accounts with hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers. As you examine these highly successful accounts, you’ll likely notice certain patterns and cohesive stories attached to the accounts.

Mimic this strategy in your own Instagram account. Tell your own personal story, whether it’s a rag to riches piece or a picture of your everyday life. Then, use colors, angles, and other patterns in your photos and videos to make your account easy to spot.

3. Use Hashtags

The use of hashtags takes minimal effort, but it opens your posts up to a world of possibilities! The platform allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in your posts and more in the comments if you so desire.

The purpose of hashtags is to make your content easy to search. Instagram followers often follow hashtags related to the content they like. Using a trending hashtag on your posts will make your content show up in their newsfeeds.

You can also take advantage of branded hashtags. As a small-time influencer, you can encourage your many followers to use your branded hashtag and increase the visibility of your brand. Their followers will see your brand in their content, and you’ll likely capture more action as a result.

4. Cross-Promote Your Hashtags

Along with using more hashtags, make sure you’re using them across multiple platforms. Instagram is a highly successful social media platform, but it does not exist in a vacuum. Using your hashtags, notably branded hashtags, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, gives your brand more exposure to potentially interested followers.

You can also use print advertising to promote your hashtags. If you own a storefront, for example, encourage those who come in to use your hashtag when checking in on Instagram. You could also put your hashtag on flyers, posters, or even billboards.

5. Use More Selfies

Many brands like to work behind the scenes rather than at the forefront of their Instagram strategy. This can be successful for a while, as consumers often engage with faceless brands that offer value-adding content to their newsfeeds.

However, the most successful influencer brands show their faces. This is one of the most important features for Instagrammers, in fact. According to research, photos that have faces get 38 percent more likes than those that don’t.

Make your existing followers love you even more and attract the attention of more followers by getting behind the camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or posed—a good photo of you speaks volumes to your audience.

6. Share Your Instagram Account

While Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with 1 billion+ active users, it’s not the only thing out there. In fact, other platforms like Facebook have 2 billion active users. Why wouldn’t you want to capture the attention of such a vast audience?

You can catapult your Instagram presence by sharing your account on other platforms. Of course, you’ll have an Instagram link on your website and blog posts, but you can also advertise the content on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

For example, you might boost a post on your Facebook page, talking about the exclusive content that only your Instagram followers get to see. The exclusivity factor can be very motivating to consumers who don’t want to miss out!

7. Join Popular Conversations

Since you’ve reached influencer status, you’ve likely gotten somewhat caught up in the popularity of your account. Don’t forget that there are thousands of other conversations that your audience is participating in.

Search for trending conversations with long-tail keywords on Google Trends. Instagram Insights can also show you some of the top conversations on Instagram. Then, join the conversation using hashtags to connect your content to the topic.

Remember that thousands of other accounts will be doing the same thing to try to promote their brand. Therefore, you need to provide a unique spin on the existing conversation to garner attention and get consumers to push your follow button.

8. Write More Engaging Captions

While some of the best Instagram posts are of the “no caption needed” variety, it’s often useful to write more engaging captions on your photos. Don’t forget that consumers love a good story, and giving context to a great photo can drive higher engagement and interest.

Curating engaging captions is an art form, and you’ll need to practice to get it just right. It also helps to follow brands that do it well, such as National Geographic. Their photographs are award-winning, yet their captions that tell the whole story complete the image for their dedicated audience of 124 million.

9. Hire An Influencer

No rule says as an influencer; you can’t use influencer marketing. In fact, it’s highly encouraged! Those with hundreds of thousands of followers have likely run dozens of influencer marketing campaigns to increase their following. You have the advantage of being “in the know.”

You likely have a network of complementary brands that you can partner with to increase your following. In many cases, you can simply trade endorsements with a brand that’s roughly the same size as yours.

In others, you’ll want to pay for a good endorsement from a brand with far more followers than you. As a small-time influencer, you have the potential to make huge waves in your industry. Dig your heels in now and reap the rewards of a more considerable following with these simple and easy steps.

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