9 Ways Twitter Can Change Your Life

Twitter has had a big influence on me. People who follow me on the site know that I tweet a lot, and that I enjoy meeting and tweeting with friends and new followers everyday. Those who are new to Twitter might say that I am crazy for writing this piece because how can a social networking site change someone’s life? However, I know those who have been on the site and have enjoyed the experience like I have will agree that it can be life changing.

Twitter has been around for quite some time now, and it has changed the way we communicate and share our thoughts, feelings and our everyday experiences. Twitter celebrated its birthday recently, and during that time, it was reported that at least 460,000 accounts are created per day and 140 million tweets sent per day. Those numbers show us that people are realizing that Twitter has become a mainstream form of communication. Some people say it’s a time waster, and it can be if you don’t benefit from it. I am proof that Twitter has value because it has truly changed my life. If you want to have a positive experience using Twitter, here are ways it can change your life too.

1. You become more bold – I am an introvert by nature, and it was very hard for me to share my thoughts and my ideas with strangers before Twitter. Thanks to the encouragement of my Twitter friends, and the belief in me that my Twitter and blogging mentor @Minervity had, I was able to start writing and designing again. If you have a passion that you want to pursue, try to find people whose interests are similar to yours. Believe me, they can be a great source of information and inspiration.

2. You can hone your creativity – I always believe that everyone has their own particular talent. Some people can draw, others design, some are great in the kitchen, others are creative thinkers and problem solvers. Often times people don’t realize their talents until someone else teaches them how to unlock their creativity. Twitter is a great site for honing your talents. You can get a lot of encouragement and information, you just need to follow the right people.

3. You can be an inspiration to others – Never under estimate the power of Twitter. I know some people feel like nobody reads their tweets. When I started using Twitter, I thought no one was listening to what I had to share either. However, that did not stop me from sharing and making sure that what I did choose to share was something relevant to the people who follow me. After quite some time, people started sending me @replies to share with me that they had just started blogging, or designing, or whatever because they felt inspired by my tweets. So just continue tweeting and sharing, don’t be afraid.

4. You learn to be kind – One person I enjoy tweeting with is Marty McPadden. He shares content that I learn from everyday. Since I’m an Apple fan like he is, his tweets are very useful. He gives tips that have helped me when I needed to figure out problems with my Mac or iPhone. What strikes me the most about him is that he never fails to give a kind word, a thank you, and a warm hello to all his followers. When I saw one of his articles, Five Simple Words, I understood why. I am just glad that the majority of people on Twitter know the 5 simple words (thank you, you’re welcome and please). Kindness can be contagious.

5. You become aware of the world that exists beyond your backyard – On Twitter there are no time zones. You can tweet with anyone anywhere in the world. If you can’t travel, you will get the chance to see the world through the conversations and pictures that people share on Twitter. @EarthXplorer is a world traveler you might want to follow.  Through his Twitter lens, I have seen Egypt, Alaska and many other parts of the world.

image of sign of giving

6. You learn to give – One thing that I particularly love about Twitter is that it has taught me to be more giving. I’ve learned that it is always good to think of others more than you think of yourself. There are so many compassionate people you can meet on Twitter. You just need to explore and really listen. The best example is my dearest friend Diana. Throughout the year, she leads groups of people who all contribute to feed the homeless. I think that is one of the most selfless acts a person can do to give to people who do not have anything.

7. You become more open to learning – I know a lot of people have expressed that they have become smarter because of Twitter. One thing to consider though is that you need to learn how to follow the right people.

8. You can build lasting friendships with your Twitter friends – If you have not read the article The Proof That Social Media Friendships Are Real, it is a must read. Diana and I originally met on Twitter, and meeting in real life has further strengthened that friendship even more. If it were not for Twitter, I would have not gotten the chance to meet her. Not only that, but since I have now moved to the States, I can still keep in touch with my Filipino friends on Twitter. We tweet our hellos, and share our stories. 

9. You can influence change – Twitter influencers like @Lotay, @Iconic88, @2morrowknight, @jowyang, @mayhemstudios, @AskAaronLee, @kim, and @JessicaNorthey are just some of the people who have thousands and thousands of followers. They use their influence to make sure we are all informed of the many causes that we can help and support. You too can make a difference. If you know how to give and you are passionate for a cause, share it and explain to people how they can support it too. Most people are open to helping when they can.

You don’t have to have as many followers as us Twitterholics to realize the value of Twitter. Maybe you are still contemplating about joining Twitter. I hope this article has helped to convince you to give it a shot. For those who are already on Twitter, if you have anything to add to the list, we would love to hear from you.