After All, What Is Twitter For? – The Answer Is Here!

I met with my family when I was in the US recently, and the majority of them have joined Twitter. I was glad to know that they were also into Twitter, and not just FaceBook. I was happy to know that people are getting the hang of using the site.

I love to connect with people no matter where in the world they are. Some people still have some misconceptions about Twitter and how one can use the site. If you ask me, the best way someone can use the site is to connect and share with real people 24/7.

We will only be able to appreciate anything if we truly understand what that something is for, like Twitter. If we can understand what Twitter is for, then we can harness its potential. There are so many new Twitter users, and often times I am asked why do you like it so much? What is Twitter really for? My answers are simple:

1. People from all walks of life (from all over the world) meet together everyday to share and learn from each other.

2. People can converse with each other, ask questions, and share life’s simple pleasures, recipes, tips, advice and recommendations.

3. People can share music and pictures.

4. People can get the latest news and trending topics.

5. People can just be themselves and inspire others.

It is quite easy to get discouraged when you start on the site, especially when you see people that have been on there communicating and exchanging tweets for a very long time.  Do not get intimidated, we all started that way. Just make sure you share informative content and relevant information that everyone can learn from. Converse and say hello. In time you will also develop friendships with the people you tweet with.

I included  a video that I found funny. It tells one how to not use the social networking platform. It can get pretty daunting if you only use it because you want to stalk someone or just to be closer to celebrities. Twitter is for everyone. We are all human beings behind the avatars. What do you think?

Main Image Source – Twitter Bird