Are You Relevant On Twitter?

Twitter is a wonderful place to learn new things about everything from website designs, applications, new trends, fashion, social media, advertising, the worldwide news and practically anything and everything else under the sun. You can also get so much inspiration too. As our Twitter family grows, we see that people are still very much affected by their number of followers. It is really up to the user if he wants to add followers. My point here is that we should not get so hung up on our follower count.

There are friends of mine on Twitter who have a very small follower count, and yet they are very successful in bringing relevance to my stream. I read an article last week (I apologize for not bookmarking it so I could share it with you here), the gist of it was that it’s not about the number of followers you have, but more importantly, if whether or not what you tweet affects others. Do you converse with your followers? Do you inspire? Do you help people if they ask for advice? Do you share information relevant to your broad base of listeners? Do you listen?

There are those that feel small or insignificant. If you answer yes to any of the questions above, then you do not have to feel that way. We all have a role or a spark in each other’s lives. I know I value my Twitter friends. Each and every one has touched my life in one way or another. The ones who are constantly engaging with me and teaching me precious lessons are the ones that I most likely become closest with. I get my dose of laughter, encouragement, entertainment, lessons on designing, on writing and a lot of other things everyday on Twitter. Twitter is fun, and it could be more enjoyable for you if you concentrate on people and being yourself rather than the numbers. Make a difference!! What do you think?

Main Image Source –  Twitter by philosophi-jewellery