Beware of Some Social Media F**k Ups

I am sure that you have seen the latest material on social media as presented by Marta Kagan. Just last month she released some information on Social Media – What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later.

Now she has released a modified version of the material Brand New World which you can preview here,  and she pointed out some important points on becoming aware of some mistakes that can truly be avoided.

1.  No Bullshit

2.  Listen

3.  Hope is not a strategy

4.  Don’t Assume that social media is the answer to everything

5.  If your product sucks social media won’t  fix it

and just a reminder on what the best things to do:

1.  Listen Before you speak

2.  Be  transparent

3.  Give to Get

4.  Do not Attempt to control the message

5.  Welcome participation, feedback and co-creation

6.  Always be Authentic

7.  Create content worth sharing and communities worth joining.

Brand New World

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