If Your Blog Were A Beer What Kind Of Beer Would It Be? [Infographic]

There are some things about blogging that seem strange to me. For example, there are hundreds of millions of blogs in the world, so there are many people doing it, yet it’s a very ‘alone activity.’ I didn’t type ‘lonely activity’ because it doesn’t feel lonely to me, but it definitely feels like an ‘alone activity’ because blogging is not the kind of thing you do while socializing. It’s even stranger to compare blogs to beers, but this infographic does. What kind of beer would your blog be?

I did some quick research this morning to determine how many types of beers there are in comparison to blogs. It turns out, there are about 20,000 different brands of beer in the world, and those beers are created in about 180 different ways including ales, lagers, pilsner, iced beers, light beers, etc. There are definitely more blogs than beers, but beer still holds its own.

This infographic called If Your Blog Were A Beer What Kind Would It Be? (by the team at visual.ly) simply explores what kind of beer your blog would be…if it were a beer. It’s a silly infographic intended to put a smile on your face. As we all know, consistency in blogging is important to maintain and grow your blog’s traffic. I like how this infographic puts it, “If your blog is tapped out, you might find your regulars quenching their thirst at another bar.”

I was trying to figure out what kind of beer Bit Rebels would be. We are definitely not a light beer (gimme a break). We are not a stout either since we don’t typically publish posts that are 2,500 words. Our posts are short and pack a punch. I think our blog might be a beer that isn’t listed on here. How about you? What kind of beer would your blog be?

What Kind Of Beer Would Your Blog Be?

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Via: [Infographic Journal] [Did You Know?]