Brands On Facebook: “Likes” Mirror Your Success [Infographic]

Ever since Facebook launched, companies have been flocking to the platform to make sure they are well represented among the millions and millions of people that could become potential customers.  With time, Facebook has become one of the leading, if not the one, place on the Internet where brands have a huge chance of growing their business exponentially.  We have seen it time and again when companies struggling to find new customers join Facebook, and suddenly their success changes in an instant.  The cool part about Facebook and it’s ability to lift up what’s hot is that it’s for everyone, not just multinational companies, but also on an individual level.  Bands, designers, photographers, music producers and many more all have the same chance to succeed there.

The only thing you need is a winning idea that will speak to the masses, just like Coca Cola, Red Bull, Victoria’s Secret and, of course, Facebook itself.  If you’re giving people what they like, there is a huge chance they will lend you a hand in growing your network with a “Like.”

Before Facebook had “Likes” they were called “Fans.”  You could simply become a Fan of something, and then show your own network that you support what you like.  However, Facebook soon understood the limits in calling them Fans, and instead, changed them into “Likes.”  This new form of support can be adapted to pretty much anything without sounding odd or weird.  Since the switch, brands around the Internet have boomed in the growing of their businesses.  Take Coca Cola for example, pre-Like switch they had 803 Fans.  Today, Coca Cola has 16.5 million likes.  Now the question is really, can you or your company afford not to be present on Facebook?

Facebook Brand Statistics Data InfographicFacebook Brand Statistics Data InfographicFacebook Brand Statistics Data Infographic

Via: [Mashable]