Brilliant Retro Ads To Promote Twitter, Facebook And More!

The social networking arena has seen many casualties during its continued run towards world domination. There have been several social networking ideas and brands that have become daily necessities to say the least. We’re using these services like our life depended on it, and it gives little room for anything else other than… well… connecting to other people.

Some people are just obsessed with the fact that they grow their network every second they are online, and they share their life with everyone. Some even become addicts that should probably unplug for a few decades before they lose their job, but not us here at Bit Rebels. We’re fully committed to losing our jobs here at Bit Rebels… if we had any other than Bit Rebels that is.

However, what if Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and you name it, were available back in the days when even a refrigerator was a gadget that shed a mysterious light on consumers? What would the promotion be for these mega giants in the social networking business?

Well, that has been thought of by an agency in Sao Paulo called MOMA. They decided to pull a few 1950s ads out of their big brains only to give us the pleasure of cutting our time short and traveling back in advertisement reality. These ads and promotions are a testament to what advertising was all about back in the day. It’s wonderfully geeky and ultimately eye catching. I have a hard time writing this article because of the old and worn look of all those ads. It’s a perfect measurement of brilliant advertising don’t you think?