Build A Retail And Fashion Store On FaceBook!

Social gaming is fun. You can play so many games now on FaceBook. You can be a farmer, a waiter, a chef, or even a restaurant manager. You can even be a real estate mogul or an interior designer. Yo Ville, Farmville, Restaurant City and Hotel City are just some of the games that allow a person to create a business and try to make it bigger than their friend’s business. It is, of course, all fun and games, but it can be challenging as well if you want to be on top of the leader board.

There are two new games that I have recently discovered on FaceBook that allow the players to be the managers of their own retail shops. One is Market Street which now has 5,445,196 monthly active users. Hire your friends, stock your displays and fire the slackers. Build the world’s most successful retail store in Market Street! The other is Fashion World. Have your own Fashion Store! Create the clothes, put them on the stands, and sell them to your customers by hiring friends and adding dressers. Decorate your store to be cooler than the others! They now have 4,285,144 monthly active users, at the time of posting this article.

Both games were created by Playdom. Playdom is committed to bringing people everywhere together through the world’s best social games. Playdom is a top game developer on Facebook and MySpace. To date, more than 130 million Playdom games have been installed across multiple, leading platforms.

I have included screen shots of both games here. I love the interface of both of them. Just like new games still in beta, there are some kinks that the developers still need to tweak, but over all, if you’d like to try your hand at styling or putting up a small retail shop and making it bigger, then these games are for you. Check them out. Let me warn you though, as all games on the social networking platform, they can be quite addictive!

Main Image Source by gruntzooki

Market Street

Fashion World