Instagram Hotel: Stay For Free If You Have Enough Instagram Followers

Recently I wrote about the first Twitter Hotel. It’s not ‘officially licensed’ by Twitter of course, but it’s a hotel that caters to Twitterholics. Everything there is based on Twitter. For example, if you need to call the concierge, you send a tweet with hashtag instead of picking up the phone and calling. Even the colors in the hotel are the same as Twitter. Today I’d like to tell you about an Instagram hotel. You’ll want to have a lot of Instagram followers before staying there though.

Just like the Twitter hotel, this Instagram hotel caters to people addicted to Instagram. If you have over 10,000 Instagram followers, you can stay the night for free. It’s a brilliant marketing idea, especially since anyone who stays there will tell all their social media friends about it.

This Instagram hotel is called the 1888 Hotel, and it’s in Sydney. Every detail of this hotel, including the lighting, has been attended to so it will be worthy of an Instagram photo. There is even a huge selfie wall, and guests are encouraged to take a selfie when they check-in. Even the name of the hotel was chosen to attract photogs. 1888 was the year Kodak released their first box and roll camera.

This five-story luxury hotel has 90 gorgeous rooms, which are all Instagram-worthy. If you’re planning a trip to Sydney, this would definitely be a place to check out. Just work on building your Instagram followers first. You’ll be able to stay the night for free plus get all kinds of other freebies if you have over 10,000 Instagram followers. I think this is such great marketing, and I can’t wait to see some of the pictures that guests post.

Stay For Free…If You Have At Least 10,000 Instagram Followers






Via: [Design Taxi] [Daily Mail]


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