4 Tips For Building A Strong Facebook Brand Page

Social media is the new generation of advertising which creates data in real time. I have worked in the field of Internet marketing for four years now, and I’ve personally seen how this type of marketing evolved into its current potential. Before then, there was Friendster, Multiply and Myspace. Although these sites might not be able to relate anymore, they are the social sites that opened the door to this new medium of socialization.

It was 2008 when I first encountered Facebook, and it was a fun, new application open to the public. It introduced social media with a new twist, and ever since then, Facebook hasn’t stopped improving their social site. In 2011, Facebook jumped into a new technology by offering their timeline page. This allowed each user to chronologically check out their Facebook updates with clear definition and easy user interface.

The business side of Facebook boomed in the personality of a Facebook brand page. This serves as the go-to social marketing move for every brand out there, no matter how big or small. Imagine posting your latest marketing pitch in real time and being able to target your consumers by using insight provided on your Facebook brand page.

I recently watched a tutorial video from Hootsuite that featured Jason Li. It was all about how you can build a strong, effective Facebook brand page. Let me share with you the things I learned after watching this video. These four steps may sound cliche to some people, but as the old saying goes “the simplest answer is usually the right one.” Allow me to discuss this briefly. I would love to hear your suggestions for building a strong Facebook brand page.

4 Tips For Building A Strong Facebook Brand Page

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1. Build A Strong Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is usually called your brand page. This serves as the basic representation of your brand persona. The basic rules for this page also apply when creating your company website. I attached a screenshot below of my new Facebook page that highlights the primary elements you should focus on.


2. Connect To People Using Facebook Ads

Facebook allows social marketers to promote their Facebook brand pages using ads. This allows you to target a specific market with the help of demographic insight that Facebook gathered.


This is how your ad will look from a users page-


3. Engage Your Audience Through Quality Content

Tap the interest of your target market. When it comes to social media marketing, it should be quality over quantity. According to John Li, 40% of Facebook users spend their time on the news feed page. When posting on your Facebook brand page, keep in mind how your post will look on the news feed page. Quality images, catchy captions and anything that can generate engagement from your users will work well.

4. Use Your Page To Influence The Friends Of Your Fans

More fans equates to more chances of reaching consumers that share your interests. Only 16% of your fans will usually see your posts, and timing is really important to generate user engagement. Researching your target consumer’s habits in social media, like timing and interests, will serve as strong insight for any social brand managers.