BundlePost Social Media Tool Does The Media So You Can Do The Social

When I moved to Melbourne in the 90s, I quickly realized that I didn’t stand a chance in business or socially if I didn’t choose a football team. It’s really like that there. It’s also kind of like that in business (and socially) now if you haven’t adopted a social media strategy. But with all the social media activity required to make an impact, it’s hard to find the time. Accomplished social media marketer Robert Caruso figured there had to be a better way.

He dreamed of something that could take care of the ‘media’ component to free up the ‘social’ aspect. So, BundlePost was born. It’s a social media tool to take care of the media and leave the social to you. It was originally created as an all-in-one social media management tool to manage multiple social media profiles for various clients. Now BundlePost has evolved to incorporate features including content curation, auto hashtagging and sophisticated reporting.

Here Are A Few Of BundlePost‘s Features

1. Time saving technology

Who doesn’t want more time? By aggregating topical content from multiple sources and RSS feeds then auto hashtagging each post, you can free up to 80% of your social media time. With less time worrying about media, you can enjoy more time being social.

2. Aggregate

Automatically aggregate and save content as social media posts in one place via feed channels. Then select the content you want from various content sources and merge it with schedules that you create, easily and quickly.

3. Collect

Collect all of your own promotional social media content in a single location. Then it can also be merged with schedules and curated content.

4. Auto Hashtagging

You won’t believe it until you see it in action. BundlePost’s automated hashtag system finds specific keywords and phrases in the text of each post within the system. You can then monitor the results and restructure any given post accordingly.

The real motivation for BundlePost is to make social media more social. That’s how it should be. We should be focusing on relationships rather than where the next post will come from. BundlePost is a tool that will buy you some valuable time and will help increase your efficiency, productivity and social media activity at the same time.

See how BundlePost will save you time…