Activity Levels Of Businesses On Social Media [Infographic]

Social media is spreading its wings more and more. There are literally thousands of social networking services these days. What you choose to use personally, or to promote, interact or grow your business is of course up to you. However, it’s vital to pick the right one. Maybe that is why only 20% of U.S. companies have incorporated any activity levels on social media when it comes to customer service, sales or even for their product development processes.

The fact that more and more businesses understand how important their social media activity levels are could very well take social media to a whole new level. The services available today have tools that are not available anywhere else. This of course means that the companies that embrace social media early (if you can even say that anymore) will be the ones that will lead the competition later on when it comes to sales, customers and promotion. It’s all about adopting things fast and early, and your activity levels are directly connected to that. That has always been the case when it comes to the Internet.

To get a clearer view of how companies manage their activity levels on social media, and of course social networking services in particular, we can consult a fresh infographic that will give us the information we need. It’s an infographic called Activity Levels Of Businesses On Social Media (yes, like the title of this article), and it is presented by Invesp.

Even though this infographic has a few grammar errors here and there, it still manages to captivate you with its useful statistics. One thing that struck me when I looked through it was that only 26% of businesses regularly include a call to action in their tweets. The only reason I can see why that is the case is because there are so many people who complain about people asking for help, or of course calls to action. Why these people complain about it I have no idea. It’s a natural thing to add a call to action request if you have a product or service that you think people will like.

It’s not rocket science, and everyone has their own way of using social media. The moment we create boundaries, rules and limitations, the innovation will stop. It’s a sad thing to see really. If you know how to behave on social media, you could certainly use a call to action in your tweets or social networking updates. Don’t get discouraged by people who feel like they need to tell you how not to behave on social media. Instead make sure that you know how to use your activity levels to your advantage.

You will find that you will evolve into a social media specialist in no time by just interacting with people who are willing to tell you how you perform on each service. Listen and learn, it’s as simple as that. But for what it’s worth, you must utilize the tools at your disposal. Social media is here to stay, and it is vital that you get started on finding your own presence.

Invesp’s Businesses Social Media Activity Levels