Can You Have Better SEO By Promoting Your Instagram Handle?

A successful business can generate sales and leads over a sustainable period. In today’s age of creating digital markets, new companies are often losing how to create a brand presence that translates to profits and leads. Traditional businesses find navigating the online space a challenge. Building brand awareness digitally can be a mind-boggling task if you are unsure what you need to focus on.

The trick here is to aim for a strong brand SEO. If your company and your services can be found among top results on search engines, you are sure to make a mark on your target audience. But how does one ensure they have a great SEO? Are you trying to find ways to improve your SEO?

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A meaningful way to step up your SEO quotient is by building strong social media accounts. A great social media account on any popular site like Instagram can elevate your searchability and visibility both on the social media platform and outside it. Now the question is, can promoting your social media accounts better your chances at building a great SEO too?

In a word, yes. However, the route to making one’s social content organically is slow and requires consistent planning and strategizing. This is why several services like Followersid offer packages covering most aspects of social media promotions for those who wish to invest in Instagram marketing professionally.

However, depending on your budget constraints, investing in promoted content can be risky if you do not have a foolproof marketing plan. Before you begin looking for ways to promote your social media accounts, let us understand how they directly affect your overall SEO presence.

The Relationship Between Your Social Media Accounts And SEO

Many believe that having a solid SEO has nothing to do with having a significant brand presence on social media. Some social media sites are, in fact, notorious for evading detection by search engines, and this may be the reason for advocates of this line of thought.

However, search engine algorithms are constantly getting updated, and so are the social media platforms. Over the past few years, it has become apparent that there is a correlation between how your promoted social content receives social signals and where your SEO stands.

Understanding how the algorithms of your social media content affect your SEO can enable you to build a fabulous brand presence and visibility. Here are 5 reasons you should pay attention to promotions on your social media accounts to improve your SEO.

1. Great Social Media Presence Brings Higher Numbers Of Internet Search

When you create promoted posts and advertisements on your social media account, the platform’s algorithms work in a manner that pushes your visibility upon their user feeds. Most social media platforms let you specify your target audience and goal of promoting the post and optimize your publication for the promotion duration.

This prepares your content for high organic audience engagement rates. When this happens, the reach of your post increases, and more users of the platform gain opportunities to interact with it. SEO management works on the same lines. As such:

  • When you publish promoted posts on your social media handles, they become visible to a more extensive section of your target audience. This sets the possibility for crowd engagement and traffic generation high on these channels.
  • When your post gains engagement from the right circle of the audience, their visibility gets further enhanced in the correct sections of your targeted potential customers and partners. When the right kind of audience sees your content, they are far more likely to read, remember and look up your content and services on the net. This means you will gain more real-time organic traffic on your provided backlinks and embedded URLs.

In other words, along with brand awareness, your business gains more discoverability online. For best results, promote content embedded with quality backlinks or CTA connecting to your site URL.

This will increase your chances of creating stronger links and domain authority. This, in turn, will push your search engine ranking up.

  • When new audiences conduct searches about your business, its services, and other such information, they also tend to browse through your social media posts for any relevant titbit. This further reinforces higher search activities on keywords related to your business and its name.
  • When there is an increase in search demand for your content on social media, the search rank of sites related to your business also climbs up. This happens due to the algorithm’s ability to comprehend user behavior and modify search results in response to this. So relevant sites connected to your business will rise in search ranks even if they may not necessarily be SEO optimized on their own.

Hence, optimize posts using promotions to boost your search ranks.

2. Promoted Social Media Content Speeds Up The Establishment Of A Target Audience For SEO Optimization

With the latest updates in place, most popular social media platforms give professionals the ability to track content performance and audience engagement. Such in-built audience behavior tracking mechanisms give you the ability to understand your target audience better.

If your current audience is not the target audience you expected, the insights help you modify your marketing strategies to find the right audience for your business. Conversely, it can also help you accommodate the current audience and amplify your business based on the same. Most tracking insights allow you to access analytics that keeps a tab on:

  • Where your audience is geographically located;
  • When your posts receive the most incredible amount of engagement;
  • Who your audience is in terms of publicly accessible information like age and gender;
  • Which type of content brings your account the most traffic and engagement.

Using promotions on your posts allows you to conduct a more comprehensive study of your consumer behavior. You can also track keywords performance and captions, besides comparing if your end goals were achieved by the promotion as planned. Promoted content helps you optimize your social media content strategy by determining what to post and when to capture the attention of the right target audience.

Moreover, you can be sure of when to publish localized audience-specific campaigns. Publicizing the right thing at the right time has been known to increase search rates and listings. This, in turn, boosts SEO listings in search results outside the social platform as well.

To make the best use of this, optimize your promotions by further:

  • Cross-posting each of your promoted posts across all social media sites, you have an account on.
  • Collaborating with niche industry members to publish posts that aim to get the attention of a joint target audience.
  • Invest in professionals like influencers, vloggers, and bloggers, to bring your brand trust and credibility as you work towards improving your SEO.
  • Keeping track of popular content and investing in reruns of campaigns, ads, or promoted posts to prolong audience memory.

3. Promoted Content On Social Media Creates Opportunities For Generating Future SEO-friendly Content

When posted at the right time with the proper customization, promoted posts typically gather engagement in comments and shares with new captions added to them. This is in addition to the likes and saves. If the post contains information about products and services, it is also likely to attract comments and private messages queries. This volume of data is a goldmine for SEO copywriters as they can easily create fresh content based on it. The available information helps you sort out relevant keywords for your content, brand, and services. This includes hashtags and trending keywords. With the correct utilization of these, you can further boost your social media SEO signals and push your content higher up on in-platform searches. If the platform is SEO friendly, it will also increase your ranks on regular search engines. Thus:

  • Promoted content helps shortlist relevant keywords for future content creation in an SEO-friendly manner that is sure to attract audience traffic and engagement. The higher this traction, the better are your opportunities for improving SEO presence.
  • You can create a robust social relationship strategy with the data from the engagement on promoted content. Humanizing your business, connecting, and building relationships with the right audience is crucial to brand building. You will likely have a returning audience and curious new visitors looking up your content and the brand on search engines if you sustain healthy audience communication strategies. So, return greetings, respond to questions, tags, and comments in a kind and courteous manner to build your response rate and improve your SEO.
  • Maintaining good social relationships is a most crucial people’s skill. Keeping your connections active will bring better brand visibility, especially among members of your niche industry. This, in turn, improves your opportunities to build professional relationships with industry experts in your niche and allied areas. Promote your content with relevant backlinks and have your posts shared by others in your industry. This can bring you great professional exposure. Not only will you gain organic traffic and social media engagement, but you will likely see an increase in leads and sales conversions as well. Not to mention, this will further strengthen your SEO position.

4. Your Paid Content On Social Media Accounts Can Directly Impact Your SEO Ranking

It all depends on the type of engagement your posts can generate. While, for instance, shares alone may not budge your SEO ranking, other engagement forms can directly impact it. This is because the bots behind social websites and search engines alike are looking for many kinds of simultaneous consumer behavior. For instance:

  • How much time do visitors typically spend on your landing page?
  • Do visitors tend to surf other portions/pages of your site using embedded links?
  • What type of interactions do they usually leave on your links?

Such parameters and more determine where your page should appear on a search result listing. Great engagement rates are reflected in a positive change in your site’s SEO signal rankings. Furthermore, it improves your visibility and reach on social media and creates opportunities for yet more audience engagement. In other words, once the correct triggers are activated, your SEO growth begins to set in motion as well.

5. Promoted Posts On Social Media Are Likely To Get Indexed Sooner

Shared content on social media tends to draw maximum organic engagement immediately on publication. This is because when you pay for post-promotion, the site’s algorithms pick cues on who, in your target audience, is active at the time of posting and brings your direct content visibility on their feeds.

This also means that your promoted content will likely get indexed by leading search engines and websites faster than regular posts. This is because search engines are on the lookout for content that has a high rate of engagement.

These posts draw the most traction and hence are faster to be crawled and re-indexed. The more general the traffic generating ambit, the quicker is the indexing rate. For optimum results, cross-post content on multiple social sites and incorporate effective link-building strategies.

See your SEO rocket up as traffic flow diversifies. Keep your content fresh and engaging. When you promote old content, choose ones that have already fared well and are likely to still be in audience memory. Create opportunities for organic content sharing and distribution.

In Conclusion

You can see that using promotions for your social media content can be favorable to your SEO optimization strategy in numerous ways. The two build up one another and bring your business a boost in reach and visibility synchronously. Together they bring you credibility, brand outreach, and popularity. This, thus, guarantees that your targeted online audience group transforms into your real-time customers.

In a nutshell, investing in your social media content management can support your micro-goals of increasing brand reach and bringing your organization income and leads. All of this is aligned with your SEO building and will only strengthen your web presence when you decide to invest strategically in promoting your social media content from time to time.

If you are interested in even more social media-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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