CityVille: Building A City On Facebook Is An Instant Hit!

If you are a Facebook user who likes to play social games then you’ve for sure heard of CityVille. CityVille was created by Zynga, the company that also created FarmVille, YoVille, Mafia Wars, FrontierVille, Zynga Poker, Cafe World, Treasure Isle and PetVille. Aside from just updating their status, uploading photos and sharing links, a lot of people who use the social networking site also play social games. Just a reminder though, there are some people who do not play games, and many times they complain about getting game updates. I recommend that people who play games consider their friends and minimize posting a lot of game updates.

Getting back to CityVille, the game now has over 84,222,766 monthly active users, and 2,113,192 Facebook fans (at time of post) and growing fast. What makes the game special? For one, it allows you to build your own city from scratch, and it allows you to build stores in your friend’s cities. What also makes this game fun is the way the developers have combined some of their other games’ features which are available on CityVille. For example, you can have a farm inside your city and the goods produced in that farm will help supply the many demands of the businesses that you open in your city. The game requires the players to be creative and smart in making choices. It forces the players to create a strategy in order to expand, and develop their respective cities to be the best city on Facebook!

Another reason why it is a hit is that the graphics are great, and the interface is very simple to use. There are also many challenges that await each player as they try to move up each level. You can easily redecorate or move around elements in your city in minutes. I have included a video and a screen shot for those interested in playing the game. However, remember, similar to the other games created by Zynga, it is quite addictive.