Facebook Status Update Box: Social Networking Gets Physical

Being completely immersed in social networking can become quite a time sink, and the rest of your life might seem like it comes in second hand. However, it doesn’t have to. Just because you’re making friends, business contacts and more through social networking, you can look at it as something that complements something else you used to do. For example, before social networking became the phenomenon it is today, I am sure you tried to interact with your business contacts or customers in the real world instead of on the Internet. Social networking is just another way of doing that same thing; however, in a much more time saving way.

Of course, there are a lot of people who would want to correct me here, but there is a reason why I say it will save you time. Even though you spend more time networking online, you will, in 99% of the cases, find more business than you would in your offline world in the same amount of time. So therefore, you have saved some time and progressed your company far more each day then you normally would.

For Steve Murray, a designer from Dundee, Scotland, the Internet and the social networking phenomenon don’t have to be such a time sink or the online addiction that we often find ourselves battling if we really want to go all out with social networking. Steve designed a box, and it’s all dedicated to Facebook. I would have certainly called it Facebox; however, that is not the name of it. As a matter of fact, the name he has chosen for it is The Facebook Box, simple and clean.

The box, which is a project to make social networking more physical, is able to print and file your status updates and everything that is written on your Facebook wall into three different categories. You can customize what the categories are if you decide to buy this heavenly box. If you are interested, there is a lot more information over at Steve Murray’s website. You can even drop him a note on his wall from his website, and the box will make sure he gets your message. Things like this are what ingenuity is all about. Bring the world to social networking and the other way around. Love it!

Facebook Status Update Box Design

Facebook Status Update Box Design

Facebook Status Update Box Design