Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop To Teach Her A Lesson

One of the best parts of being a writer at Bit Rebels is that we get to meet the most incredible bloggers. I know some people think blogs compete with each other, but I don’t look at it that way. I think of all of us as being part of one big ecosystem and community. We are all here to help each other.

One very talented blogger I’ve recently met along the way is Rhonda Callow. She’s a snarky fun author, and I always enjoy reading her stuff. She brought this viral story to my attention, and all I can say is… Holy crap, I’m glad I didn’t have that guy for a father when I was a teenager. Whether you agree with what he did or not, you can’t argue that this is not super entertaining.

I once heard my uncle say to his daughter (when she was about 15), “You’d better listen to me or I’ll put all your stuff in the front yard.” At the time, I was terrorized by that statement. This makes that look like child’s play. Oh, and before you start grumbling about privacy, just remember, the daughter in this story posted her rant on Facebook. #enuffsaid Thank you, Rhonda! Enjoy…

From the desk of @rhondacallow:

“A 15-year-old North Carolina girl posted a mouthful on her Facebook wall, not intending for her father to see it. Unfortunately for her, he did. His reaction? He’s created a YouTube video where he reads his daughter’s wall post and then, as a grand finale, puts a round of bullets through her laptop.

According to the father, Tommy Jordan, he did not “hack” into his daughter’s computer. Although the daughter had used Facebook’s privacy settings to block family members from viewing her wall post, she failed to block the family pet from viewing it, who wasn’t tagged as a family member on her Facebook account. That’s right, the family dog has her own Facebook page and here’s how Tommy says it happened, “I logged in as the dog the next morning to comment on the photo. However, when I logged into the dog’s profile, my daughter had forgotten to add her to the “family” list…. so our family dog’s profile showed her post right there on the front page.

I have to give this guy credit for having the balls to be able to do this, I think he’s taught his daughter a lesson in respect, hasn’t physically or emotionally harmed her in any way, and has clearly made his point. I give him credit because personally, I just don’t think I could blast an expensive laptop to smithereens. I also found myself smiling whilst watching his video because if Facebook was around when I was a teenager, this is something I could have seen my dad doing. And before you ask, yes, as an adult I have a great relationship with the old man. What do you think about the way the father chose to punish his daughter?”

Parent Punishes Child Facebook Message

Parent Punishes Child Facebook Post

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