Don’t Miss These 5 Things About Google Wave!

A few nights ago as I was playing on the wave, I learned how to embed video, MP3s, websites and many other very fun things that would make any self proclaimed geek super excited.

Then, my dear friend, Fernando Fonseca @fjfonseca, invited me to wave with him where he taught me that I was doing it all the hard way. I found out that Fernando spent two full days learning all the shortcuts and I was so impressed with his knowledge that I asked him to write this guest post so we can all learn together.

Thank you, Fernando, for being so gracious and taking the time to write this great post. I hope everyone on Twitter follows you after reading this. You are a wealth of information.

Keep in mind that in order for these links to work, you have to be logged into the wave.

Google’s much talked about Google Wave is here and every day new people are receiving their much sought after invite. Now that you are a part of the Wave here are five things you absolutely can’t miss:

1. Read the Extensions Gallery Wave and install all of the Extensions. (Except the Extensions installer unless you are a über geek developer).

2. Add the following contacts that will never talk to you but are worth having around:

• – Every time time you add easy public to any wave that wave becomes public.

• – This is the Robot that allows you to speak with people from all over the world even if they don’t speak English. It translates everything you write into the chosen target language.

• – This one allows you to aggregate your public wave into a group or groups (up to 3). A list of already existing groups on the Wave can be found by clicking here.

• – Having an argument about something on a wave? With Wikifier around you can add instant Wikipedia Power to your discussion.

3. Find people near you or from that dream land you always wanted to live in. Just add yourself to the “Where is everyone from? The Mapping Way” wave and add yourself to the map (or just snoop around).

4. Add Sound and Video to your wave and share it with others.

To add video to a wave is as easy as getting the YouTube link and paste it. As soon as you do a little yellow lamp icon will appear and you have the option to Embed Video. Voilá!

To add music to your wave you can do this in two different ways:

• Use the Mp3 Player Gadget: Just click on the Gadget icon (that’s the green jigsaw puzzle) and paste the following code: (where My_MP3_URL is where your MP3 file is hosted) Looking for MP3 that you can use? The Internet Archive has a huge collection of free music. Go and explore!

• If you want to play some track or set that is hosted on Soundcloud just use this gadget:

5. Invite up to 6 friends to a wave and have a video conference with them. If you installed all the Extensions you will have available one that goes by the name of “Video Chat Experience” . Take a seat, wait for the others to do the same and start the communication experience. Hope this helps in some way to get you started on the wave. If you need help you can find find me lounging on this Public Wave that I have setup. I’ve also set up this Newbie Wave to help out new wavers.

Don’t be a stranger! Come by and visit. Or add me to your contacts: quarter.bit [at]

Guest Post Author: Fernando Fonseca

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