Dramatic Shift in Marketing Reality – Engagement is Key!

If you have been in the marketing and advertising industry for a long time, you’ve probably noticed the dramatic shift in marketing and how brands are viewed by consumers. In the old days, brands made use of print, television or radio to communicate their message to their respective audiences. Demographics and location were taken into consideration also. However, now the consumer has evolved. No longer do they spend as much time on the traditional mediums, but they are very active online, both on the computer and on their mobile devices.

Now there are so many different mediums that a brand or service needs to take into consideration when trying to reach their audience. I wrote this article because I have noticed that in the past two weeks I have talked about this one important factor to people in my field and brand stewards that I have spoken to because they have completely taken it for granted. Whether creating a campaign, website or even just an application, we must never forget that engagement is key. Consumers nowadays do not like being talked “at,” they want to be able to participate. There should be a good reason for them to take the time to look at your message and interact with you. Also, remember, the medium or channel is just a medium or channel if you do not have a great idea to latch onto it. This is another key ingredient to a successful marketing endeavor. Put the two together and you will see a big difference.

Why do you think that social media is booming (sites like Twitter, FaceBook, etc…)? The reason is simply because people are social beings that like to be heard. They have something to say. If you do not listen, and if your competitor does listen, then you are in big trouble. Don’t be afraid of the changes! Instead, embrace them and find new ways to engage with your customers. I included a video that illustrates exactly what I am talking about.