Getting Noticed: 6 Ways To Gain Social Media Attention [Infographic]

I keep coming back to this topic over and over again. I think it is because I feel it’s such an important aspect of social media and networking in general, and we should never stop exploring the possibilities. In today’s social networking climate, it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed. You can literary spend weeks trying to get a good debate going or gathering enough momentum among your followers to influence even the smallest of audiences. That’s not the way social networking should work, right? Maybe it’s not about getting noticed anymore. At least, not in the proper meaning of the phrase. Maybe it’s about being unique and spending more time trying to curate content that is more in line with what you are trying to convey.

If you gave me the chance, I am sure I could go on forever talking about this stuff. It engages me, and I am never too far from analyzing the current state of social media, both in a good and a bad way. We are so used to the algorithm that more followers means more engagement and response. However, that is the old algorithm which doesn’t really apply to today’s social media feed. What we need is an entirely new algorithm in order to make ourselves stand out.

Those are the words I was looking for – stand out. Standing out is something entirely different than getting noticed when you start thinking about it. It’s not hard to get noticed, but that doesn’t automatically mean that people will start listening to you or even like what you have to say or share. Standing out sends the signal that you are not afraid to explore things that are not mainstream or debate topics that people might not think are social networking worthy. Maybe standing out is one of those topics, I don’t know.

In order to stand out, you need to know what you can do in order to achieve this quite controversial task. I recently stumbled over an infographic that foots through 6 key approaches to make sure you stand out in a large crowd, which is what pretty much every social networking service houses these days. It’s not surprisingly called 6 Keys To Stand Out: Social Marketing, and it is presented by Social Media Today. It’s a cryptic yet interesting title that will surely poke the urge in anyone to find out more.

I guess we could say that getting noticed and standing out are the same thing, but the interesting part is that they’re really not. You shouldn’t angle your social media approach to getting noticed because you will get noticed regardless of what you do. Instead, you should definitely abandon the getting noticed idea and start planning to stand out. If you stand out, you will get noticed, if that makes sense. The algorithm doesn’t work the other way around.

Have a look through these suggestions, and see if you can find a way to stand out in your social networking feed and approach. Being unique will help you with getting noticed and standing out, and that is a vital part of the process. Look at what your following needs, what they crave and how you can serve each other. That way, you can make sure whatever you share will stand out. Again, as I’ve said so many times before, social networking isn’t a bunch of shortcuts bundled together. It takes boatloads of hard work, engagement and interaction to get an active following gathered. Cheating is not rewarded in this highly morphing form of human interaction.

Getting Noticed By Standing Out Infographic