Edgerank Algorithm Will Help You Trend On Facebook [Infographic]

The Internet is built up of a massive number of algorithms. Everything steers things in different directions, top charts, trending stuff and of course what is supposed to be seen when and where. It’s all part of an optimization that makes it a lot easier for people to browse and find what they are looking for. Google, which is the most famous algorithm (and probably the most intricate one as well), is a great example of an algorithm that helps us find what we are looking for quickly and efficiently. Social networking sites have theirs too. Facebook has one to determine what goes where on the news feed for example. It is called the Edgerank algorithm, and it is a particularly interesting one.

The Facebook algorithm has a clever way that determines what posts you post show up where in people’s feeds. Understanding how it works could potentially make succeeding on Facebook as a brand a whole lot more streamlined. An infographic from PostRocket called Edgerank 101: Class Is Now In Session probably explains it best saying:

Edgerank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine where and what posts appear in each individual user’s news feed. The three variables that make up this algorithm are affinity, weight and time decay.

Edgerank is an interesting one, I have to admit, because now we have a clear picture of just why some things keep popping up at the top of the news feed and even how to get your posts there. It won’t be easy, but with a little bit of further research, it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate a scenario where that happens. The question is, how much impact will it have on your brand page?

The reason why Edgerank is interesting is because by looking at some of the research done in order to produce this infographic, we quickly see that 96% of all the people who check out your brand page on Facebook will never return (except in Coca Cola’s case apparently). That is a huge percentage of people who will never again see what you post there. That is why the Edgerank algorithm is so important to your success. If you can understand it and use it in your favor, you can reach the eyeballs necessary to grow your following through the news feed instead. This is a better approach to get people to notice you since they usually have their eyes locked in on that particular feature of Facebook.

So, instead of trying to haul people to your Facebook brand page by sending out a massive “Come check us out!” message to all of your friends, just sit back and educate yourself about how Edgerank really works. With this information, you can make the visitors come to you instead of you having to push them like sheep towards where you want them to be. But then again, by sharing cool, educational and funny stuff, you will be able to reach your targeted audience most effectively, so try and draw up a plan like that instead. That will earn you a lot more respect and followers than anything you could ever achieve through manipulation.

PostRocket’s Edgerank Facebook Algorithm Infographic

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Via: [visual.ly]