Facebook According To College Student Likes [Infographic]

There is a button that pretty much everyone on Facebook enjoys, and that is of course the “Like” button (or link text). It gives us the ability to tell people that we really enjoy what they just wrote, shared or commented on. Building likes has become almost a sport these days with the new social networking games out there such as Empire Avenue and a couple of others. There is also of course Klout which includes the number of likes in their algorithm to determine your social media score as well as a lot of other sharing methods. I think the only thing that can actually measure up to the ole “Like” button is the Retweet button and statistics. It’s the only one that has come close to its popularity.

Did you know that as of July 8th there were actually 4,339,200 Facebook users in college in the U.S.? That’s a lot of people, and deriving statistics from of those people would probably yield some really interesting results, don’t you think? The people over at iStrategyLabs actually tried to collect these statistics and put those into an infographic. Even though I don’t know how many people they actually managed to include in their statistics , it’s still a really cool infographic.

It is divided into several sections with different topics, and as you can see for example, the beer that most students find to be the best one is actually Corona. And to no one’s surprise, the most used computer is of course the Mac. Why? I think we would have to ask the students about that; however, I think it is because Apple has made available the most universal and powerful laptop which really appeals to the student kind of lifestyle. Do you feel these statistics are accurate? Did any of these results surprise you? Let us know.

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College Student Facebook Like Infographic

Via: [Visua.ly]