The Mental Effects Of Facebook Addiction [Infographic]

While you are reading this, there is a good chance you are logged into Facebook. Now that Facebook has hit the 1 billionth user milestone, you might start wondering what everyone does on this giant social network. I mean, there are so many people constantly networking, sharing, liking and commenting on this service that you start to wonder how the world even still spins. Do people still work at all? Everyone can’t be social media strategists or consultants, can they? A lot of them must simply be addicts who are continuously hitting the refresh button even though they don’t really have to. Facebook addiction has brought quite a few people to their knees, but what exactly are the effects of a Facebook addiction?

The most severe effect is of course time loss. When you are on Facebook as much as people are today, you are bound to miss out on pretty much every epic thing happening in the world. The mental fix from Facebook seems to interest us more. Facebook, or social networking in general, has a way of hogging up our brains like nothing else.

Data curated by Best Masters In Psychology points to some rather alerting effects of Facebook addiction that we should all know about. Not only are we missing out on life itself, it’s the life we once knew and appreciated. It’s the real life, out in the real world. We can also suffer some physical and metal breakdowns that don’t really sound healthy. For example, people with an Internet addiction have a 10-20% smaller brain in the areas responsible for speech, memory, motor control, emotion, sensory and other information. Alerting? It should be!

This Facebook addiction effects infographic (designed by NowSourcing) called Facebook Psychology: Is Addiction Affecting Our Minds? will take us through the quite disturbing effects of Facebook addition. Since Facebook is the second most visited website on the Internet, it’s easy to say Facebook addiction instead of Internet addiction. The real deal is that anything you are addicted to on the Internet has the same effects. Therefore, it could also be called Internet addiction.

If you suspect you are suffering from Facebook addiction, there are ways to get yourself back into real life. There are methods to once again put you in control without limiting your progression in the digital world. Have a look at this infographic and educate yourself about the dangers of being addicted to the Internet. The Internet is not bad, it’s the way we use it sometimes that can be harmful to us. Let your Facebook addiction rest for a while. There are more things to life than the Internet and Facebook. Or is there?

Facebook Addiction Mental Effects Infographic

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