20 Vital Success Tips For Your Facebook Business Page [Infographic]

A lot of entrepreneurs want to start their businesses with a bang. That’s not always the easiest thing to do. In order to reach the masses, you will need to build a large following on one or more of your social networking profiles. So how do you do that? If I had an answer to that question, I would be a rich man. However, the task is not impossible, and if you want to attract a big following on your Facebook business page for example, this article is exactly what you need.

Facebook has positioned itself to have the highest CTR (Click Through Rate) of pretty much all social networking services. Twitter is constantly falling, while it seems Facebook is attracting more clicks than ever before. Those numbers of course depend on the content you are sharing on your Facebook business page or your other social networking profiles. But the numbers don’t lie, Facebook is more influential when it comes to attracting traffic and clicks from your social networking service.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tips that I and pretty much everyone else can give you about how to optimize and perfect your Facebook business page in order to get the highest ROI, whether it’s time or money. But I’d rather share this infographic called 20 Tips For Your Facebook Business Page, which is presented to us by Luybcho.

This infographic goes through the things you can do in order to maximize the impact of your changes. A Facebook business page could be highly different from just a Facebook profile. A business page needs more care and attention in order to attract and keep people glued to the screen, and of course coming back. If you apply these 20 tips to your business page, you can be sure to create a following that is both dedicated and informed. And on top of that, you’ll make them want to come back over and over again.

Today when each ‘like’ is like a promotional ad on Facebook, you want people to like your Facebook business page so that you garner more influence and impact when you post and share content. It might sound easy, but don’t be fooled, it takes both dedication and attention in order to keep up the hard work of constantly coming up with cool and useful information and content to share. If you can do that, and constantly stay interesting, then you have a sure recipe for success. Check out these 20 tips for your business page and apply them in your own way, and you will definitely see an increase in the way people interact, come back and like your page.

Luybcho’s Guide To Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

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Via: [visual.ly]