Facebook Friends Poster: Social Patchwork For Your Wall

It’s common knowledge that no matter how many friends, followers or viewers you have when using social media, if they don’t engage and interact with you, you could just as well be without. After all, that’s what social networking is all about. If your engagement base isn’t listening, then you are pretty much without an audience, and you might as well start doing something else. The secret is to get as many people as possible to interact and talk with each other, and about what you just shared. Whether it’s in text or with a link, it’s always a good thing to get a debate going. That way, the subject grows and more people are interested in joining in to see what the buzz is all about.

Regardless of whether you have 10 followers or a million followers, you might at some point want to visualize the real faces of the people who you talk to so often and share your musings or knowledge with. What could be better than something to put on your wall that shows the profile pictures of everyone you have ever interacted with? It could even be everyone who has ever showed their interest in you by befriending you one way or another.

The Facebook Friends Poster is a sure way to do that. It’s a service that lets you put a select few or everyone that you have as friends on Facebook, and create it into a poster that you can then later put on your wall either in your office or at home. The poster, measuring a maximum of 1.6 meters, will hold about 570 friends at normal profile picture size. However, if you have more than that, they will shrink each profile picture for you until they all fit the maximum sized poster. Now if that isn’t commitment to your friends and followers, I am actually scared to find out what would be. The price for this massive social networking map is roughly $39. It’s a pretty neat price to pay to get all your followers foreverized on a wall poster, don’t you think?

Facebook Friends Poster Printing Service

Facebook Friends Poster Printing Service