Getting A Fake Girlfriend For Facebook Has Never Been Cheaper

Another day, another fake girlfriend service for Facebook…Nah, this one is special because it’s dirt cheap, well, cheap for fake companionship that is. Since so many people out there think that what people think of them based on Facebook is more important than what people think of them offline (did you get that?), I’m sure this service will be very successful. As you see in the image below courtesy of Google translate, this service is very simple.

I’m not sure what these different categories mean. What is the difference between “girlfriend” and “virtual girlfriend?” It’s alllll virtual people! Don’t get confused. Paying a service for a fake girlfriend in no way means you actually have a girlfriend.

Just choose whether you want your newly beloved fake girlfriend to hang out in your life for 3 days, 7 days or a whole month. You know what they say, in Hollywood and on Facebook, a relationship that lasts a month is like five years IRL. If you want to send a message to all your Facebook friends that you are a guy who can settle down with one woman and be faithful, I would go for the 30 day option, but that’s just me.

As you’ll see, with the two cheapest options, you won’t actually get to change your Facebook status, which is no good. If you are going to have a fake girlfriend, you might as well go all the way. Although, she does seem a little high maintenance. That’s a lot of comments. At the end of one month of having a fake girlfriend, you might be exhausted. There is only one thing more tiring that a real high maintenance girlfriend, and that is a high maintenance girlfriend on Facebook. To check this service out for yourself, just click over to Namoro Fake (which translates to “fake courtship”).

Get A Fake Girlfriend For Facebook

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Via: [Geekologie]