Beyond Followers & Hashtags – How To Drive Sales Directly From Instagram

According to a study, 42% of the people that took part in it said that they have purchased something mainly because they saw it advertised on social media.

However, when we say advertised,we don’t refer at the classic way of advertising stuff – we refer to the way products/ services are advertised through social media; namely, through content and a brand strategy that people can relate with and have trust in.

Therefore, today we won’t be talking about the top Instagram hashtags that you have to use to grow your brand awareness or about the best Instagram bot that you have to rely on to automate your Instagram account.

Instead, we’ll be talking about the simple ways through which you can drive sales directly from Instagram.

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Compelling Content And Images

Obviously, the first way through which you can drive and boost your sales is by posting only compelling images. Keep in mind that Instagram is a visual platform and, thus, your images must not only match your business and branding strategy, but they also have to be high-quality, engaging, and interactive, if possible.

Moreover, it is important that you pick a certain aesthetic and stick to it, for both images and captions. In short, be consistent with your content.

Instagram Ads – A Worthy Investment

Even though you can post the links you want in your post’s description, it is more likely that your users will engage with your content and eventually buy your products/ services if you rely on an Instagram ad campaign.

For example, a fashion company that ran such a campaign experienced five times increase in sales, a decrease in their cost per conversion by 80%, and six times increase on their return on ad spend.

Therefore, you can safely rely on an Instagram ad campaign if you want to boost your brand’s awareness and drive sales directly from Instagram.

Approach Influencers

Naturally, if you want your brand to send out personal vibes, so to say, you might want to approach one or more influencers. These can advertise your brand in a genuine way, thus being able to double your sales – one part comes from your own brand’s Instagram account and the other from the influencer’s.

Moreover, you can provide influencers with discount codes or promo links that their followers can use. Not only that you can track how much each influencer is worth to your brand, but you also give them and their followers some love, by showing them your appreciation for them buying your products.

Showcase Your Products – In Action

Your followers and Instagram users don’t want to see posts of certain products, boringly placed in your feed. Instead, they would like to see exactly what they can do and how your product can help them.

In this respect, it is recommended that, when you showcase/ advertise your products, you do so with creative and engaging content. Show off your products in action, in a day-to-day situation and let your followers/ customers know that you are not here only to sell them.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, besides growth and popularity on Instagram, you must approach a genuine, more personal business and brand strategy as well. In short, be creative! We are all bored of those brands that do nothing else but promote their content. If you want to see a change and drive sales directly from Instagram, be sure to follow the tips we have mentioned – you won’t regret doing so.

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