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Anybody who uses social media or is aware of the significance of having an online presence will know only too well how important it is to create a name for yourself or your business online. Instagram is, most probably, the most popular platform for this, with millions of people striving for online success and Instagram growth.

Anybody who uses Instagram will also be very much aware of how difficult it can be to achieve success on there. A ‘popular’ profile is by no means enough, with both individual influencers and businesses struggling to up their online presence enough to see real success.

This is mostly because the online Instagram market has become saturated with big names, large companies, and celebrities who have the means to hire the professional help needed in order to make it big. But what about the rest of us? Surely, it doesn’t seem fair that only the rich and famous get a shot at the big time on Instagram.

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Instagram Growth Agencies

This is where a new niche in the market has been created. Some who are in-the-know have realized that Instagram growth and success isn’t just desired by celebrities, but by people and small businesses trying to make a name – and a living – for themselves online. The problem is that for as many genuine, legitimate companies there are out there who really have the desire and expertise to help, there are just as many whose sole aim is to scam people out of their money for very little result.

Some offer organic, targeted (more about this later) growth for a fair price, while others will offer seemingly cheap prices, but only bring bots and fake accounts to your Instagram profile, meaning not only will you receive little to no engagement from other users, but said accounts can pose a fairly significant threat to your account and potentially result in you being banned AND out of pocket. So how are we supposed to know which one to choose?

FollowerzBuzz, The IG Growth Agency Comparison Site

The minute you start your search for which company to use, you’ll find yourself inundated with options. Some have amazing reviews on one site, and terrible ones on another. So how is one supposed to know which to believe?

As there are so many of us who are seeking Instagram success, one site has taken the initiative of creating an Instagram growth agency comparison site. A lot of comparison sites online – for any number of services or products – have a tendency to be biased or even sponsored towards a listed company.

That’s why we were so pleasantly surprised to learn about FollowerzBuzz, who have literally taken the most popular IG growth services and enabled comparisons between them all, all on one site. The site is incredibly easy to use and offers a one-stop-shop for anything and everything Instagram growth tool-related.

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FollowerzBuzz Features

So here’s the even better part. Not only do FollowerzBuzz offer comparisons of all of the IG growth agencies, they also try them out for themselves, too. For each company, you’ll find an in-depth, honest review of their service. The difference? These reviews are not sponsored or paid for, they are honest analyses of the service they received, tried out by a team of specialists who know a thing or two about Instagram growth.

FollowerzBuzz also lists the pros and cons of each company, takes a look at the reviews that exist on other pages and discovers whether they are real or fake, compares the prices of each service, and even offers information on whether or not each company offers targeted growth or not.

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The Importance Of Targeted Followers

As mentioned above, some Instagram growth tools look at quantity over quality. This can mean that they’ll try to get as many followers as possible onto your Instagram profile in order to show how quickly they work. Yet, this isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of Instagram’s success.

Look at it this way, what’s the point of having hundreds – if not thousands – of followers, if none of them engage with you or show an interest in your profile or product? This is where targeted followers come in.

Companies that offer organic, targeted growth will only try to bring followers onto your profile that is most likely to a) be interested in your product or profile and b) engage with your content. After all, engagement is the key to success, not mere numbers alone.

Safety Of Instagram Growth

The safety of your Instagram is of course paramount when it comes to deciding which company to choose. Instagram’s growth can be a tricky thing unless you understand how it really works. A lot of people think that all you need to do is drive more followers to your profile, without taking into account their authenticity of them.

If you go from having 100 genuine, real followers, to suddenly having 3,000, none of which seem to be active or are not even real accounts (AKA bots), you could find yourself in trouble. If Instagram suspects the use of bots, inactive or fake accounts, they could freeze your account whilst this is looked into.

This won’t go very far in helping you obtain online success, will it? We love the FollowerzBuzz site, it offers a real breath of fresh air in terms of honesty and direct, real information on Instagram growth tools. Another FollowerzBuzz review you might need.

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