Foursquare Reaches 10 Million Members: The Animated Infographic

I remember when I first saw the word foursquare and when people started to sign up. My friend @mayhemstudios (Calvin Lee) was one of the first people I saw who got furiously into the geolocation service. I think I signed up at some point, but I never got used to the feeling of everyone constantly knowing where I am, so I ended up never using it. Was my decision right or wrong? Well, that remains to be seen, but I think if you use the service correctly, it can be quite powerful. I think the way Calvin uses it is ideal, and he is one of the few (at least that I know of) who really draws all of the potential out of it.

Recently foursquare celebrated their 10 millionth member, and that is a huge achievement. Of course, it is not in any range to dethrone Facebook or Twitter, but it’s still a LOT of members who are continuously updating their social location around the world. Foursquare has actually gone to great lengths to create a truly creative infographic which tracks their development through the years. It not only shows you some inhouse numbers and cool facts, it also sports an amazing animated timeline of the growth and spread of the foursquare service around the world.

The whole thing is just a testament to the awesome achievement of a tool that was meant for a few select friends in the beginning, but grew to become one of the leading geolocation social media awareness services in the world. It’s hard to fathom 10 million members, but if we put in context, we can always use Facebook as an example. When Facebook had 1 million members they were considered a phenomenon like no other. Foursquare now has 10 million members, and people are almost not mentioning it. Isn’t it weird how the measure of success is always pushed further and further up in the scale of things? Enjoy one of the most creative and awesome infographics I have seen in quite a while.

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Foursquare 10 Million Members InfographicFoursquare 10 Million Members InfographicFoursquare 10 Million Members Infographic