How To Give Your Facebook Fan Page An Operation [Infographic]

One of my favorite childhood games was Operation. I still have an Operation game in my closet, and to this day, I jump when the patient’s red nose starts making that loud buzzing noise. When I saw this infographic that offers some great tips for Facebook in the same format as an Operation game, I knew I wanted to share it with you. So how can you use your Operation game skills to increase the effectiveness of your fan page? You give your Facebook page an Operation of course!

This infographic called Does Your Facebook Page Need An Operation? by Socially Stacked has a very good corresponding blog post to complement it, which you can read by clicking over on the link. According to the website, “We thought using an ‘Operation’ mentality – removing what doesn’t work and fixing what’s broken – would be a helpful way to give your Facebook page a checkup.”

In other words, by monitoring each one of these areas of your fan page, you’ll be able to maintain the health of your page and fix any areas that might be broken. If your fan page is already successful, you probably know many of these tips. But there are also several things on here that you may not have thought of before. Since Facebook is the number one social site for driving traffic to websites, this is the kind of information that is always useful.

Now that I’ve seen this infographic about how to give your Facebook page a little checkup, I’ll probably think about Facebook every time I see an Operation game. It would actually be neat if someone created a Facebook version of that classic game. In the meantime, just be glad your fan page doesn’t start blinking bright red and buzzing at you each time you make a mistake.

Give Your Facebook Fan Page An Operation

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Via: [Infographic Journal]