Google AdWords Credit Card: A Gimmick For SEO Entrapment?

On TechCrunch this past weekend, Google announced they are launching a Google Adwords Credit Card to companies in the UK. They will gradually expand into the United States. Google plans to use the credit line as a way to promote SMB within small companies to promote the credit line as a “primary form of AdWord payment.” The UK launch is being run with Barclaycard in the UK and Comenity Capital Bank in the United States, which are both MasterCard-based cards.

AdWords can prove to be a lucrative part of an online marketer’s SEO strategy, and with Google adding the option for a credit line, it almost seems dumb to not sign up for the Google MasterCard. The problem I see is that Google has a tight grip on SEO already, so why give them access to your wallet? While most of us know that using credit cards to pay bills is not a good idea, some might opt to grant Google access in exchange for the sweet interest rates. Interest rates in the UK will be variable at 11.9 percent APR Representative, while the U.S. will be at 8.99 percent. The APR is lower than basic credit card rates, and neither card will have an annual fee.

Given that the money spent on these cards will all be going to Google, it’s a lucrative credit bet for the company. Would paying Google directly for AdWords alleviate the paranoia of hiring a social media marketing firm that might not be charging you correctly? Is this Google’s way of completely shadowing Facebook within the SEO game? Google has been making moves on both the social media front and in the tech industry. They have impacted millions with their algorithm changes, so it makes sense that Google will do whatever it takes to keep its crown.

However, there are members in the SEO community who should be concerned with Google’s credit options. If your AdWords account is ever compromised for lack of payment, what is to stop Google from canceling your account completely, which would dramatically affect your SEO? If you rely on credit to pay for services, chances are you will be burned eventually. I would think twice before signing the dotted line for this card, but that’s just me.

Will You Get A Google Adwords Credit Card?



Image Credit: [New Europe]