Hiding Your Facebook Page Could Be A Bad Idea

The more time that goes by, the more I realize that we really do need a “WTF” category on Bit Rebels. Some people in the world are craaaaaaaaazy, and I just love writing about them. We’ve all heard stories about how people can get a little nuts when it comes to their offline and online lives colliding, and here is another example of that to add to the ever growing list.

So there you are, enjoying the evening with your girlfriend, and the topic of Facebook comes up in conversation. She decides it would be a good idea to get the old laptop out and check out your page, after all, she hasn’t seen your Facebook updates in a while. The mood suddenly changes; you don’t want her on your Facebook page, that’s private (yeah, right). Next thing you know, you get stabbed.

Just two nights ago, according to this police report, that is what happened in Indianapolis. Shemicka Mc Vey (check out her Facebook page here) and her boyfriend, Mauice Davenport (check out his Facebook page here) live together. When she got the laptop out to look at his Facebook page, they started fighting. Long story short, she stabbed him in the arm with a kitchen knife and he punched her. In her defense, she did say that it was an accident. However, usually when I have a knife in my hand and it ends up in someone’s arm, it’s no accident. #justsayin

Stabbed with a kitchen knife? Are you kidding me? It doesn’t seem like the real problem here is Facebook (Duh). As someone on the Oh Hell Nawl blog so eloquently put it, “It’s less about facebook, and more so about the fact that he was acting janky as hale about her seeing what he was doing. More than likely due to the fact he was probably on some ol booolshyt while talking to a bytch named NOGag69 or something.” Umm… yeah, what he said.  Apparently they are still friends on Facebook.  Dang, and I thought getting tagged in an old photo on Facebook was bad.

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