Hot Tips To Become A Noted Twitter Influencer

Are you interested in becoming a Twitter Influencer? As on other social media platforms, the key to gaining the desired influence on your audience is to optimize your Twitter presence.

Who Is A Twitter Influencer?

A Twitter Influencer is a social media influencer who works mainly on Twitter to get other users of the platform to notice and talk about a particular subject. This could be a person, a new fashion, a product, or even a social cause.

To become a noted Influencer on the platform, you must have the power to make your followers pick and retweet your tweet. In addition, your post must be impactful enough to be further retweeted by their followers and their followers, too, until your tweet goes viral.

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The first thing you should pay attention to to become a noted Influencer on Twitter is your follower count. A high number of Twitter followers will help you gain social proof and personal brand awareness. However, having 100 or 200 followers is not enough. Think bigger numbers.

According to the most standard terminologies in Influencer Marketing, social media influencers can be categorized into five main tiers based on the number of followers. Originally applied to Instagram influencers, these numbers are used as reference points for the entire influencer industry now. You can be:

  • A Nano-influencer if you have 1,000-10,000 Twitter followers;
  • A Micro-influencer if you have 10,000-50,000 Twitter followers;
  • A Mid-tier-influencer if you have 50,000-500,000 Twitter followers;
  • A Macro-influencer if you have 500,000-1 million Twitter followers;
  • A Mega-influencer if you have a million+ Twitter followers.

Why Do Huge Follower Counts Matter?

Tweets are a powerful means of creating opinions and outlooks. However, Twitter’s audience outreach has a major chink – your reach is limited to your followers only. When you tweet, your Twitter posts are only visible to those who are currently following you. When any of your followers share your tweet, it becomes visible to their followers as well.

Since creating public opinion is an important part of what a Twitter influencer does, businesses seek out Twitter influencers with a larger follower count to collaborate with. Of course, as with any social media influencer strategy, merely building up numbers is not enough. It would be best if you also aimed to build a high engagement ratio.

How To Become A Noted Twitter Influencer?

1. Aim To Increase The Number Of Active Followers On Your Account

Why should you primarily concentrate on building an active follower count? If your reach is limited only to your followers, having 10000 Twitter followers will not matter if they remain inactive and do not actually see or interact with your post. It can, in fact, negatively impact your Twitter presence. Having a large active follower count, on the other hand, improves your on-site engagement ratio tremendously.

It boosts up your visibility on the feed of your followers. This is likely to make your Tweet have more audience engagement and remain a trending tweet. In addition, a trending tweet is likely to make Twitter users take notice of your account and follow you, thus helping you grow your audience outreach further.

2. Create An Appealing Profile

Optimize your Twitter profile to trend. Ensure that it is accurate and complete. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Twitter’s updated platform design places around a frame for displaying one’s profile photo. Adjust the image you portray to ensure your viewers have a memorable impression of your account. For example, you can use a professional photograph of yourself here or that of your logo. Keep in mind that this is what your followers will visually associate with your account.
  • Upload a good-quality cover photo that is reflective of your professionalism. Choose an image that is in keeping with the persona you wish your followers to associate with you as a social media influencer.
  • Complete your bio using as many keywords as you can. A good bio is search engine optimized. It lets the audience know what your account is about, who your target is, and why they should be following your Twitter account. Use hashtags to make yourself more discoverable.
  • Provide any relevant information you need to for your business. This includes essential details like your website URL, geo-location, and preferred contact information.
  • Do not be afraid of letting your personality come through in the way you word your bio. However, write in a way that is unique to you and will get your viewer’s attention.
  • Always keep the information here up-to-date. Make changes as and when necessary.

3. Establish Your Influencer Credentials

Unless you are famous already, you cannot suddenly decide to become an influencer and expect followers and projects to land up. Even if you have the industry experience and expertise, what the average Twitter user sees when they check your profile is a brand-new user account.

To establish that you are a credible source, you need to get the stamp of approval from your industry niche already present on Twitter. Work with others in the field. Organically follow accounts and interact with their posts. Learn how they create tweets to attract maximum user engagement while you like, comment, and retweet these tweets on your feed.

Keep healthy arrangements with accounts that follow you back, and demonstrate your skills and know-how as you retweet content or create new ones. In other words, spend some time engaging in influencer marketing, gaining a foothold to become an influencer of note.

4. Choose Your Topic Presentation Angle Carefully

It is not enough to zero down on what you are going to tweet about. You need to also concentrate on how you want to present what you want to tweet about to get noticed. Twitter users find news, light-hearted banter, and expert know-how more engaging than other forms of tweets.

Choose what kind of influencer you are going to be, and present your brand endorsements accordingly. Remember that your reputation and credibility are selling the brand you are collaborating with to your followers, and not vice versa.

Keep in mind here that you are paid to advertise and endorse. This implies you need to put out top-tier content that is specifically aimed at your client’s audience. Tailor your posts as per client requirements to attain maximum exposure and engagement responses.

5. Learn To Use The 140 Characters Well

Tweets are all about keeping it short and comprehensive. Unlike a Facebook post that can be reasonably long, the faster your tweet is, the better it is. Keep in mind:

  • A short tweet lets your followers add their byline to your tweet if they want to retweet your post.
  • Even when it is a short tweet, you must deliver it in your unique style. As already mentioned, how you present yourself draws your followers to your content, so you irk on keeping your persona as you tweet content.
  • Every tweet has value. Optimize it by adding elements like:
    1. A relevant photograph;
    2. A link to data and or easy-to-understand infographics;
    3. A website or a landing page link that carries more detail for interested followers to check out.

6. Focus On Audience Engagement

As an influencer, you have to monitor and work towards optimizing your engagement rates constantly. Brands are likely to hire your services if you can manage an exceptional engagement rate, even if you fall short on their follower count requirements.

What businesses want is clients, and you can only enable this if you have followers who are reading you. Your engagement rate, in other words, works as your recommendation letter for anyone looking to hire your services.

Here are a few ways you can create audience engagement growth:

1.Respond to Follower interactions, which includes:

  • Acknowledging comments as well as private messages;
  • Responding to queries and perspectives;
  • Addressing grievances;
  • Thanking followers for retweets and mentions.

2. Respond politely and professionally to trolls.
3. Create opportunities for conversations – even Twitter wars have excellent audience traction! But you must also try:

  • Holding your grounds in case of differences of opinion with dignity.
  • Keeping yourself up to date with the trending language uses and utilizing them to build a connection with your followers. Be casual and create instant bonds by staying in the loop of new trends.
  • Staying active and responsive to any new engagement on older tweets and endorsements.

4. Ask your followers to retweet you. You can boost engagement by actively asking for a sharing of your content.
5. Ask your audience to leave responses to questions and surveys you put forward.

7. Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy

As an influencer, your goal is to reach out to your audience to create awareness or opinions. Using the right and relevant hashtags makes you more discoverable by followers interested in your tweet’s subject.

Use industry-specific and subject-specific hashtags to keep your hashtags optimized and bring your tweet to the focus of those who are not yet your followers on the platform. For instance, if you are an influencer in the art industry and are presenting product reviews, it is helpful to keep in mind that not all artists want news on the latest watercolors.

Still, even non-water color users may be interested in the set of brushes you are talking about. Therefore, the hashtags you use should be keywords that will bring the interested audience to your tweet.

8. Plan Your Twitter Presence

You must work towards being seen on Twitter, but you must also consistently do this. A few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Do not overwhelm your followers with excessive tweeting. Instead, choose how many times a day you would post and stick to it unless there is a ground-breaking reason that requires you to do otherwise.
  • Choose your content wisely. As you work your way to build a market, you will likely find yourself collaborating with various brands for various reasons. Keep in mind your past projects and choose. For example, if you advocate for environmentally friendly products in your tweets, do not choose a project that requires you to endorse a non-biodegradable item. Such choices can make you lose credibility and followers.
  • Schedule a smart routine of tweeting, responding to audience engagement, and engaging with other users’ content. Spend time exploring and engaging with content from other users in your niche. You can even use automatic scheduling tools for some of this work.
  • Never lose sight of your goal. As you aim to grow your career as an influencer, keep in mind the reason you are choosing to post what you are posting. How are your choices affecting your overall business model and brand-building? Remember – you are your brand. How you build your online presence is entirely up to you.

To Sum Up

Becoming a Twitter influencer can not only be a rewarding career option, but it can also bring you a decent earning. To become a known name in the field, you must be prepared to invest your time and efforts as you would in any career-building.

Interact with other influencers and learn the ropes of the trade as you add your uniqueness into the mix. Work on a Twitter exclusive social marketing strategy, and you will soon be on your way to achieving your goal!

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