How To Grow An Organic Instagram Account?

Instagram has developed into one of the most popular social media platforms of today. With over a billion users using Instagram every month, it is an excellent opportunity for influencers and brands to reach their target audience. But, for that to happen, it is essential to have a healthy follower base on his social network. This brings us to growing an organic Instagram account.

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What Is Instagram Organic Growth?

Instagram organic growth is a method of increasing your follower count by using only natural and legitimate promotion strategies. Organic growth is the only way to gain an authentic audience. Getting real Instagram followers is the only reliable way to begin your Instagram stardom journey. Many people tend to take the easy route by buying fake followers or followers coming from bot accounts.

In fact, one study found that over 8 percent of Instagram accounts are fake! Fake followers will undoubtedly increase your follower count but will ultimately be of no use because your audience will not engage with your posts. Also, you can risk getting your account suspended or banned by buying Instagram followers.

Best Ways To Grow An Instagram Account

The best way to grow your Instagram account is by using legitimate, organic methods. Here’s how you can do it:

Know Your Target Audience

Having an audience that is actually interested in what you do is crucial for successful Instagram growth. It all begins with identifying your audience on Instagram, which can be done by carefully observing your direct competitors.

Not only will this educate you as to what sort of an audience you should garner, but it will also tell you what kind of posts your target audience enjoys. Also, keep an eye on the demographic makeup of your own followers to make sure that you’re posting per their likes and dislikes.

Post Engaging Content

Having an attractive profile can be a deciding factor for your Instagram account’s popularity. If you keep your followers in the loop by posting interesting and well-crafted content, your Instagram account is bound to grow and prosper. Be sure to post content that is either exciting and entertaining or helpful to your audience so much so that it results in higher engagement.

Use Collaboration And Influencer Marketing

There is absolutely no harm in occasionally asking for a helping hand. With many successful influencers currently active on the platform, doing collaborative marketing projects with them could attract newer audiences to your account, leading to significant organic Instagram growth.

Instagram Stories

Tap into Instagram stories. It allows you to post content that stays visible to your audience for only 24 hours. It is a great way to catch the eye of potential followers. On top of that, Instagram stories add an element of spontaneity to your profile, keeping it fresh and interactive to your current followers.

Branded Hashtag

The use of hashtags can lead to a lot of people discovering your profile, finding something they like, and consequently following. Having a few that are unique to your brand and niches can lead to massive growth prospects.

Posting Consistently

Having an active account is vital to maintaining your current audience as well as gaining new followers. If you don’t post on Instagram consistently, your followers are likely to lose interest and unfollow you.


Gaining Instagram followers organically can be hugely beneficial to your account in the long run. With the platform having become integral to upping your influencer marketing game, it is essential to use the above methods of Instagram organic growth to the best of your ability.

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