How Many Clicks Are You Getting?

Why bother with statistics you may ask? Why should I even have to know the numbers? Statistics are important. Why? Here are some reasons why you should track your traffic.

One reason is it allows you to  measure your campaign’s success. For brands, this is important. Knowing what your customers like and their behavior online will help you create better campaigns to reach more people and truly address their needs.

Secondly, it allows you to listen. Listening is more important than talking.  If you have a tracking system in place, you would know what your customers, readers, followers, etc… are doing. You will know which features work and what the demographics are of the people visiting your site. Why is this important? It will help you craft personalized messages when needed.

I found a tool that will allow you to track how many people visited your site, or clicked on your links.  The application is called ClickMeter. ClickMeter allows you to have more effective online marketing campaigns. It allows you to understand your visitors and determine which of your published links are most effective. With ClickMeter, you create a “tracking link” that you publish and post on the Internet in places such as forums, social networks, blogs, newsletters, pay-per-click campaigns, or whatever source you would like to measure. The best part of it all is that you have two options: You can get a FREE account or a premium one.

I added the video demo so you can see how it works.

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