How Social Media Changed The Face Of The Hospitality Industry

How many times have you come across a tantalizing picture of a well-plated dish on your social media feed? You’re hungry, scrolling through your Instagram feed when you see a photo of your friend’s breakfast. That hunger becomes all the more apparent now. You see they’ve tagged the café they ate at, and the next thing you know it’s your favorite little brunch spot. The power of a single Instagram post can be incredibly impactful in a cafe or restaurant.

That social media has transformed the way every company conducts its business is now an established fact. The hospitality industry, in particular, has taken this marketing tool and used it in a way that ensures they thrive. Thanks to the evolution of new technology and the ever-rising popularity of social media, hospitality businesses big and small have been able to boost their brand awareness without breaking the bank.

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The American fast-food chain Taco Bell is just one company that has utilized social media in a way that has engaged and entertained their consumers, as a means to mitigate crisis management, and as a method of self-promotion. To this day they remain one of the most popular food chains in America.

Through the use of a single photo or a 30-second ad, Taco Bell has managed to use this powerful marketing medium to get the attention of their desired demographic, helping to drive more than two billion sales a year throughout their US fast food outlets. They also make effective use of influencer marketing, partnering with social media glitterati – those with a large social media followings – that align with Taco Bell’s target audience. This allows them to engage with their fans while promoting their products in an efficient and widespread manner.

How Can Social Media Help Your Business

Communication & Reviews

There are countless benefits to using social media for your hospitality business. One instrumental change it’s had on this sector is the way companies engage with their consumers, improving customer relationship management and customer service alike. It’s a great tool for initiating a conversation around your brand, communicating with your target audience and providing them with the help they need to maximise their overall experience. Social media also offers customers the ability to provide reviews, which is a helpful way for a company to identify potential issues and work towards a solution.

The WOW Factor

A few ways your company could boost brand awareness is by differentiating yourself from your competitors. This could be through the use of décor in your café, like an overwhelming amount of lively greenery or a playful neon sign, making the perfect background for customer ‘grams. When they do post their photos, encourage them to use a hashtag that is unique to your brand or simply make it an inevitable part of the photo by hanging a cool hashtag sign on your wall.

Hashtag It

Hashtags are a great way to get users involved with your brand, they also help other users discover your company. When you get enough people using your hashtag, it will drive more people towards your page and to your business.

Giveaways & Contests

Another way to effectively engage with your consumers is to host a giveaway. You can partner with other brands, or do it on your own, offering your consumers a year’s worth of free coffee when they enter into your giveaway. This will generate excitement and traction and improve brand awareness.

What This Means For Your Business

With the ease and accessibility of social media, every business has the ability to promote their brand. The key is optimizing what is unique about you and using creative and engaging ways to connect with your audience. When you remain true to your brand and ensure your consumers always come first, you will establish your brand as a standout in the industry.

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