How To Choose A Twitter Hashtag For Your Next Campaign [Flowchart]

Back when I started on Twitter in March of 2009, people were very hesitant to use hashtags. Nobody understood the power of a Twitter hashtag back then. A lot has changed in the world of hashtags, and now Facebook, Google+, Vine and Pinterest all use them. You may even find that you let hashtags slip into your emails and text messages too. They are part of our vernacular and lifestyle now, and they are used as commonly in our typed correspondence as emoticons.

Since Twitter was the first social site to integrate hashtags, I suppose that would mean the person who ‘invented’ the Twitter hashtag is the one to credit with how it all began. It’s a very interesting story, and you can read about it at Social Media Hashtag Etiquette. Chris Messina will always have that unique claim to fame for his resume.

According to Twitter’s blog:

“The hashtag has become one of the most valuable assets in any modern marketing campaign. The brands that create the most effective ones and employ them well reap the benefits on Twitter. Those who haven’t invested the time and thought carefully about their hashtag(s) and how they are going to be used get predictable results.”

Twitter UK’s Head of Planning, Oli Snoddy, created this flowchart to help you choose the best Twitter hashtag for your next campaign. I wish it was a little higher-res, but other than that, it’s a great resource. Choosing a hashtag seems like it would almost be obvious, but that’s where you can easily get tripped up. Put some time and effort into choosing just the right hashtag, and your Twitter campaign will have much better results than your competitor’s campaign, which is not thought out as well.

How To Choose The Perfect Twitter Hashtag

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