How To Find & Optimize Your Niche Following On Twitter [Infographic]

Brands on Twitter are constantly trying to optimize their approach to make sure they reach as many people as possible. They do it with the help of fun topics that can easily go viral. More often than not, their campaigns fail and they are back to square one, and they start planning for their next one. It should never be forgotten that we are all competing for attention on all the social networking services. You might think that you have a following that is true to everything you post, but if you think that, you are ultimately mistaken. Social networking works because people are able to connect with whomever they want, thus making your followers someone else’s followers too.

It might sound really desperate to say that your followers don’t belong to you, but it is the naked truth. We share them with a bunch of people and brands, and we have to come up with something that might cut through the noise and reach the eyeballs of the followers that we have access to. That should be the fun part, right? It definitely is, but it’s when you start thinking about expanding your following that some issues become clear.

First off, where do you start? Where do you look, and what are you supposed to focus your efforts on? These are all legit questions that don’t really have simple answers. You might choose to continue doing things the same way as you have been doing them since you started on Twitter. That might work, but you will probably never become the “go to” account for the latest and greatest by doing that. You need good content, tweets or a strong presence in order to attract the masses. As you might start to suspect, it’s not an easy game any of us are playing.

There are of course things you can do in order to find and optimize your following so that those people become more sensitive to what you are tweeting. There is nothing as frustrating as sitting for hours and hours tweeting without seeing any results. It certainly feels like a waste of time and energy, and that’s time and energy you could put towards something else more rewarding. However, dedication always pays off, no matter how you look at it.

To help you progress, Alchemy Social put together an infographic called Winning Twitter that proposes several really useful things you can do on Twitter in order to maximize your traction and interaction. Even though this infographic is all about advertising on Twitter, it works as a great guide for everyone looking to expand their following based on their own shared content and topics. No matter how you look at it, we are all promoting and advertising something. It could be ourselves, our blog posts or a product that we sell. We’re all in the same business, and that is to get the word out there so that we can increase our influence within our niche.

So, take a good look at this infographic and compare it to how you are approaching Twitter. Do you do something that you think you can improve? Are you going to make some changes? Are you losing followers instead of gaining them? All of these questions should help you decide what you must do in order to once again get on the plus side of Twitter. Twitter is a continuously changing social networking platform, and we need to adjust our ways to it or we will fall by the wayside and start losing followers. There is simply no other advice that I can give you more than that dedication, availability and ingenuity is the key to success. After that, it is all about the content you share and at what level of quality it is. Twitter is for everyone, you just have to find your approach to it, which depends on your niche.

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Via: [eConsultancy]