How to Get Followed on Twitter |Twitter 101

So many people are still obsessed with getting so many followers on Twitter.  And resort to so many tactics.   Don’t you just hate getting those DMs telling you how they made so many money online? Or sometimes on the stream itself saying get a million followers in so and so number of days just to entice you to follow them back.  I have been on Twitter for some time now and have followed some of the best ones and none of them ever DM’d me shoving those selling pitches down my throat.  I followed them because they offered value to my twitter experience.

You really don’t need celebrity status to be followed on Twitter.  You can actually just be yourself and still get people to like you. Yes you read it right.  Getting people to follow you will come naturally, just try to consider the following:

1.  Tweet useful content – This may be tricky if you have a variety of followers.  Balance your tweets as my friend Arnt would always tell me. If you have a blog you can tweet that too just make sure that the content is helpful to majority not just for a few.  Make sure to share content that will be of benefit and you won’t go wrong.

2.  Converse and engage – Yes I know, you have skype and Instant Messenger.  But connecting with  your followers makes the experience more intimate and fun.  Don’t just speak Listen too.

3.  Follow people you feel you can relate with. – Some people hate that I tweet so much, at the beginning I felt terrible.  But I came to a realization that some of those that complained mostly follow very little people and then follow ones that have big twitter followers.  You see people who do get twitter know that we are there to share and to interact.  I interact with a big crowd on my stream.  Of course that means if you are following me and a handful, you will get so many of my tweets on your stream.

4.  No  no – The follow – Unfollow scheme – The most irritating of all is when people follow you and then unfollow when you follow back.  Please take care when you follow people, don’t just click on the follow button because that person followed you.  There is no rule on Twitter for us to follow everyone who follows you.  Don’t do it because you feel obligated.

5.  Identify Yourself –   I am an advocate of branding yourself.  You can do this simply by placing an avatar to your profile as well as filling in a short bio.  This will also eliminate your being in the spammer list suspect.  When people know what you like then they can easily relate with you.

6.  To Each his Own – Respect is also important.  Everyone tweets differently, if you don’t like the way someone tweets then just unfollow.  Why did I include this.  Some people seem to try to preach to others how they must and should tweet.  I say respect begets respect.  To each his own.

7.  Avoid cursing when possible – People don’t like negativity and curse words on twitter.  There maybe occasions when you need to do it out of pure frustration.  It maybe okay but maybe better not do it so often.

8. Auto DMs are not cool – I would really appreciate it more if you say hello to me on the stream, rather than sending me auto DMs it is quiet impersonal and rather annoying.

9.   Be yourself and just have fun

Its really not the numbers that matter the most.  Its the experience and the sharing that counts.  But if you are the type of person who would like to be followed on Twitter.  Maybe you can consider the tips above.

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